Reasons to be back


Listing the reasons for me being back on ‘Baked Stale’ may take time but lemme tell you the main reason. “I am a different person now” and yes its true. I have been exposed to a lot of new things which I didn’t know. I have come across people, places and platforms that has left me awestruck. Since I am going to leave LIBA in a couple of days this post deserves to blabber a bit about LIBA and the Digital Marketing Management in particular. DMM was a time pass course for me which I took for only fulfilling my credits (Honest Confession) but to my amazement the exposure to new things, new technology, new platforms that I received from the course was incomparable and very appealing to my pseudo nerdy soul. My present project is to try out all the social media platforms in which I have been dormant e.g Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc and the best thing is that it is not a part of curriculum. Not only there is completely new and exciting world out there (for me!!) I was also taken about by their usage in personal branding. Now I can very proudly say that I have few followers in both Twitter and Pinterest. The companies are also integrating their campaign in different social media platforms. Urge you all to follow me asap.


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