Feeling Numb


She has been life.

All moments. All humour. All romance. All drama.

Reasons for being her is too tough to imagine.

He doesn’t want to know the reasons. The reasons are not reasonable.

When nothing seems right,

When nothing is mere black and white,

She shows the face of light,

And he thinks it is ray of hope.

She is fair and has brown hair.

She is grey inside. Not white. Not black.

Pure and unadulterated grey.

Each drop of rain they shared,

Each part of air they breathed,

Each touch they experienced

And were memorable.

Memories fade away. People don’t.

Smile brighter than sunshine and tears like dew drops.

Hypnotised by the sheer charm and sparkling eyes and harsh sweet voice.

Each part of his life was sure to contain doubts and questions.

He ran away from each part. One at a time.

And then he met her.

This part, this part right here, he thought, has no doubts.

This part is full of answers he was searching for.

This is his favourite part.

He decided never to run away from this part.

He decided to hold it strong.

His hold was not firm enough or it was too firm.

He lost his grasp and his life.

Permanently crippled and eternally numb.

She said, “I am leaving you because I love you”.

And he used to think, ‘love’ is the reason, you never leave a person.

She left as she had more life to play with.

She left because monotony is not her style.

She left because she cannot part the air she is breathing.

She left because life is too short to stick to one thing you love.

And he used to think that life is too short a time to spend with love.

He wants to run away from this part of life.

She was the reason he wanted to stick.

She is the reason he wants to run away.

Irony of fate or cycle of Karma?

Who knows!



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17 responses to “Feeling Numb

  1. AS


    this is really nice , i liked it 🙂

    i loved these lines :
    When nothing seems right,
    When nothing is mere black and white,

    The reasons are not reasonable

    keep writing!

  2. Thanku thanku….overwhelmed….i really appreciate when one understands the true feelinf with which the post is written…:)

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  4. carteblancheleeway

    Good read. I think as our hair turn grey, nothing is black and white, everything turns grey.

  5. wonderful… enjoyed the post !!!

  6. This is very beautiful, straight from heart poem. Loved it!

  7. Will be staying in touch, no one can stay away from great work. 🙂

  8. Now that’s creativity to its most innocent and pure form… But it reflects the remains of the reality it was born of. As the remains and this beautiful master piece are somewhere linked, so i just cant figure out whether to erase the remains or to stick to what originated such a true piece of realization that most of us are unable to foresee or rather express even if it is realized… Loved it ! But cant wish for u the ‘numb’ feeling that gave birth to it 😉

  9. Abhinav Anand

    ooh this incredible stuff ! 🙂

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