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Vande Mataram

“I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?”

I am proud of being an Indian. I am proud that I spent substantial time of life in Bihar. When I was in Delhi it made me proud that my country has a capital with superb metro service and superb eateries. I am proud that NCR boasts of three women being molested or raped everyday in NCR source. And funny thing is, I write the definition of feminism in my GSB (aptly named Government, Society and Business) examination for marks. In this blog you will find a lot of hate posts about women. Now that makes me a true Indian. A guy growing up in booming India, in his mid twenties, having a distorted image of women. Aah I am so proud to be in that category.

Last time when I wrote a about the Kolkata rape case, it was not out of anger. It was out of shame. Now I am so apathetic about it that I don’t feel even shame. Rather I feel pride. Rambling on Facebook, Twitter and Blog is my best way of feeling proud. My pathetic attention deficit syndrome has finally compelled me to change my DP on FB and I have updated it with a pic that clearly depicts that I am not one of ‘them’. I am cool. I am different. I am thinking that I am going to buy a T-shirt that says “Real men don’t rape’. They blog – I muttered. I know I am writing this to show off to get more likes from girls than boys. I am one of those middle class boys who grew up in a society of suppressed sexuality. That is why I gawk at girls as a piece of meat with my fellow friends. But let me forget the blame game here and feel the pride. I am a true Indian who sitting in a cozy room in Chennai with constant internet connection, is writing shit on his pirated MS Word. After this I will lit a cigarette, post the blog and go on discussing girls of my college and how they looked today. That is not pathetic. That is true Indian pride talking.

I LOL-ed on the fact that people are writing sorry to Damini. Why say sorry? She deserved it. That’s a gift from an Indian to a fellow Indian. She was barely called by her name in media. She is always objectified as the victim. Now that portrayal will surely evoke emotions within us. She was just news and will fade away easily. Busy life, busy people. Busy in raising children, rapists. Few hours ago somebody posted that the ‘victim’ died. Aah that’s a relief. Now I can go back to my hilarious posts on ‘December Fool’s day’ and all Mayan Calendar shit. We make jokes on ‘end of the world’. No one realises that India is already dead.

-Fellow proud self-loathing Indian

[Thinking about the next doomsday joke – the ‘in’ thing]

P.S. Vande Mataram means I salute to (my) mother. Did you note that India is also a woman?

Few readings for reflection :

Why Indian men rape

Dear Victim


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Closed eyes make you Blind

Dear Didi,

Grow up. If you think that you are old enough then, wake up.

Let me tell you very clearly in the beginning of the letter that I am not a member, neither am I remotely connected to the ‘Red’ camp. So if you do suspect me that I am planning to conspire against you with my presence in social media and my not so popular tweeter handle, then sorry to disappoint you, I am just a common man.

If unfortunately you do read this and ban me and my existence using SOPA (aah seems so funny..Sibbal ji come out with a cooler name to fight your super cool enemy ie. Internet), I will be very glad as that will actually prove that you are still in deep slumber or still in your adolescence.

You and Nitish Bhaiyya (I should have called him Nitish Da, being a bong, but I was brought up in Bihar, so can’t help) have a similarity. Both of you came into power after defeating a long, ineffective, selfish era of false hopes and promises (34 years of red camp and 15 years of crap camp). Kudos to you for that. But the similarity ends right there. He moved on and you became a cry baby.

I know you have great power and with great power comes great responsibility (stolen from the movie Spiderman). You chose the right strategy to get that power. You highlighted the inefficiency and inability of your opponent to govern a state. Hit the iron when it is hot was your mantra. Not only did you highlight the shortcomings of your opponents but also connected with people of all stature by walking up to them in your chappals. What a commendable job! And people believed you. At least I did.

I still remember that when you won, I had a debate with my friend who questioned your ability to handle the power. He said that a person needs maturity and personality to hold the highest position in a state. I defended you by saying that for development you need only vision.

And you brought development by introducing street lights like London and painting the city ‘blue’. What a visionary you are! Visionaries lead and show tomorrow. You are still stuck in the past. Blaming the opponents for all the Satanic phenomenon was a cool move to win, but not anymore. To exist, you need to give reasons. To us, to your opponents, to the eyes filled with hopes.

“Kolkata is a timid city. If you cannot protest at least feel sorry.” –That’s what came into my ears on 15th January on my way to office while listening to FM. Before this day I used to consider Kolkata as a safe city for women unlike Delhi. My belief was shattered when I came across the Park Street rape case. It hurt me more because I am a regular in pubs and discs.

But I was filled with rage when you, being a woman yourself, called this incident to be fabricated one and a conspiracy of opponents. Do you actually know the meaning of ‘rape’ or do you believe in “Ignorance is Bliss”? You seriously need to go back to school and learn some basics and get some class.

It seems that you are still in your teens who bitches about her neighbour for every pimple that comes out on her forehead. Farmers dying – opponent conspiracy. Woman raped – opponent fabricated. I will not be shocked, if on a fine morning the density of your poop decreases and you blame the opponent for mixing water in it.

After that, what happened today was a cherry on the top. You  called Damayanti Sen and Jawed Shamim to Writers and after an hour long closed door meeting, they came out to hold a press conference to clarify themselves in Writers itself. Oh come on, bring some class and shrewdness in the game of politics and ask them to go to Lalbazar first and then clarify in front of media. It looks genuine that way.

Let me tell you what an IAS/IPS means. In my opinion they are the highest post a person can get in Indian administrative/judicial hierarchy using his talent, brain, dedication and passion to serve the country. The people whom you called in Writers to flaunt your power have read more number books than the number of hairs in your whole body. Pay some respect to them if you have a mirror with you. Just imagine the condition your beloved state will be in if these senior bureaucrats decide not to do their job whole-heartedly. The law and order of the state will be at toss and you will still be playing the blame game.

Grow up before it is too late. Wake up before the darkness prevails. Stop crying and do.

Sincerely Yours,



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2012…come on…be kickass!!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Read from a friend’s post on FB shared from Bible verse.

Christmas is here and new year is near. Shit that was long back. Holy fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. What a supercool way to start the first post of 2012, with the holy F word. Sorry loser readers I was a bit high on spirits. Now I am totally dry. BTW, Happy New Year. Well begun is Half done. Half….so clichéd….it is never full. Hope you all started the first half part well. I did not do bad either. Decided to buy Firefox Nitro and start cycling seriously/passionately/just-for-fun/on whim. Now to make it more whimsical, I have decided to write. And write about the most interesting thing on earth (unarguably). Me. Shit, clichéd again. So I decided after reading a post that I will rewrite an ad about myself in the exact way only my name added.

Hello, my name is Tanmoy and yes, I admit it, I pretty much just look at your pictures. Do you actually read these? =P


I came from a very small sperm. And, there was this ovum that came from my mom, but I’m pretty sure that I was mostly the sperm part. Later on in my life an ex-girlfriend would say, “100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?”


I’m a fun and honest guy and I have an awesome job in an IT biggie (aah…who am I kidding). In person I’m pretty shy when it comes to women…so that’s why I’m hiding behind this computer. And, my skin sparkles like diamonds in direct sunlight.


I’m pretty ambitious…I have tried learning French. I have tried to crack CAT. I have tried to lose weight. I have tried to be fairer. LOL.


Also, I am not a total fat ass. I try to exercise everyday for 30 minutes on my stationary bike. And, I usually eat fairly healthy.


Anyway, good luck to you, because I can have any woman I please. But, apparently so far, I haven’t pleased any of them.


Actually, I don’t want to put too much information on here, because I can only handle one woman at a time. =P


So, If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…

Come on, sugar, let me know.


First Date:


You will fan me and feed me grapes…actually it’ll probably be the other way around. =) Maybe we could do something like go shopping so I can buy you a new car. Let me know.


But, if we do have a date, or something, then we’ll tell everyone we met when I dropped tea on your feet at tea junction.

Enough of me, now more of me.

I was watching Roadies 9 auditions and it struck me (actually they advertised) that a reality show with 9 seasons in India is not bad. See I am not a big fan of Roadies but I don’t hate it either. I actually love to watch the auditions. I really respect Roadies and Raghu Ram for creating a trend and a dream for the youth, and mind it, I am not going in their content and its quality. There are youths who have been trying to be a Roadie.

Many people think that being a Roadie is cool. I respect them for instilling this thinking in today’s youth. For making Roadie a phenomenon. It takes lot more than hype to make a successful reality show like that.  It is like showing mirror to viewers and showing the joker face residing in everyone. Even my roommate went for the auditions (Yes he is from delhi).

All the best Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay.

CAT results are out. Pathetic. So don’t ask and shut the fuck up.

Watch two animated movies back to back. Coraline and Mary & Max. Superb movies. Dark. Not made for humour. Has a deep story and gripping storytelling and screenplay. Must Watch. Also watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (original of Ek Deewana Tha). Nice movie.

Till then lemme R.I.P.

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World is Flat, turning flatter to flattest.

We all believe that the world is flat.

Whether we admit it or not but somewhere in the back of our head we tend to ignore the reality and love to live in fantasy (not in a perverted way, by the way). We discuss who won the Roadies as if Anchal is our langotiya yaar (don’t stress on the langot which was shown in myriad in each episode, made sure, probably by ganja Raghu) and we curse Kanimozhi as if we do care. We love to live life king size and party till dawn. We love to think that we are fit and happy. We drool over Anushka Sharma a.k.a. Shutti or Anne Hathaway as if they will be ours one day. In the previous line you can change the names to any national/international/local actor/actress depending on your gender and preferences. Now stop drooling and concentrate. Sometimes we love to make the time stop.

The slightest hint of brutal reality scares us, but experience reveals that human mind is capable of bearing more than it can imagine. If we compare emotion and common sense, emotion always wins. Emotion can be found in abundance while intelligence is a rarity. If the opposite would have been true then all of us would have born Einstein instead of sissies. That’s why I love dramas more than sci-fis. I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’ more than ‘The Big Bang Theory’, any day under the sun (both are comedies though). By the way if you google ‘big bang theory’ the first result is the sitcom and not the cosmological theory. Evidences galore. Although the word ‘big Bang’ brings something else on my mind (guess what!!).

It is our attraction towards fantasy and deep rooted fear of reality which is helping the entertainment industry to grow by around 17% a year, in India. We love to (or at least pretend to) watch reality based movies like ‘Slumdog millionaire’ or ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and we give our critical ‘seemingly-crucial and yet so crappy-n-stupid’ comments on the movie and yet ‘Dabangg’ is the most commercially successful movie of the year (credit goes to our clapping and whistling throughout the screening). Although A R Rahman gets the Oscars and we detest Ismail Darbar’s comment, still ‘Bhag D.K.Bose’ is lingering on our mind. Do you actually absent-mindedly sing ‘Jai Ho’? We must accept the fact that we don’t love facts.

Let the world be flat and accept the reality that we live in dreams. Dreams are gooood 🙂

P.S. While I am rotting at my place all my friends are at ‘The Basement’ partying and celebrating World Music Day. I hate them!!!

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Devil Inside

Good acting. Superb photography. Cool lingo. Gripping ambience. Bad storyline.

Enough to describe ‘Shaitan’.

The feel of the movie is typical Anurag Kashyap-ish. Those who have watched DevD and Gulaal will recognize his eye for detail and the signature camera work and the ‘water-effect’. The lingo and the lifestyle shown in the first half of the movie seem larger than life for the middle class India. From having a joint in private ‘Holi’ party to racing the ‘Hummer’ with ‘Audi’, everything seems so artificial but keeps you glued. I am still wondering ‘Bhai rishta hai ya gaali?’ Getting a synonym for the ‘crazy vibrator’ made the viewers lmao. The actors are shown as kids of wealthy families, pampered a bit too much. Morals should be kept aside while watching the movie.

Koechlin and Khandelwal steal the show. Although Koechlin’s story seems to be hastily portrayed, Khandelwal as a tough, angry cop and frustrated-but-still-caring husband has been aptly cast. Other actors also paid due respect to their roles through their performance.

The second half of the movie is better and brings you back to real life from fantasy. Visit to Bhendi Bazaar and its detailing are good. The song “Khoya Khoya Chand’ played in the background with gore action hitting the screen is truly awesome.

The movie is meant to be a thriller and it thrills. Some scenes make you say ‘Shit, this shouldn’t have happened’, but some scenes compelled me to utter ‘Now, that’s too much’. A bit of control could have made it better. The ambience gripped me not the story. Although the surprise factor was unexpected at moments but it hardly surprised me.

The best thing about the movie is that, it never tries to teach you moral science. The movie is just an incident. It is stark portrayal of the devil inside every human being.

Tik Tik Tik Tik.

P.S. I am still looking for the Kala Khatta flavour.

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The Glass Ceiling

I was given the above topic to write on for a competition. I didn’t win but here is my futile attempt:

What is common in the following list of people?

Naina Lal Kidwai

Chanda D. Kochhar

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Indra K. Nooyi

Smt. Shikha Sharma

Sunita Ramnathkar

Apart from being of the same gender the common string that connects them is, they have successfully broken the ‘glass ceiling’ in a country known for its male dominance from pre-historic times. Not only India, even the so-called developed countries have shown burning examples of implicit gender discrimination. A woman walking past the office on her way to the cabin of CEO can be a very average scene in the mind of average human being but it is still very uncommon.

According to an old survey by ‘Businessworld’, women earn just 80% of their peers’ earnings in the first year out of college. At the ten year mark this figure drops to 69%. A trend has also been seen that in office culture single women are more preferred than married ones. Although many MNCs are trying to bridge the gap by some positive initiative, glass ceiling still remain a cliché. Even if they break the initial barrier the climb is very steep for them compared to their so-called stronger counterparts.

The underlying problem with ‘Glass Ceiling’ is that it is never considered official and always as matter-of-factly been ignored by women themselves. It is very hard to eradicate a problem which is still considered a myth. The silence has always been considered as a woman’s weakness. In the book ‘Connect The Dots’ by Rashmi Bansal, a women herself, mentioned only two women, out of twenty inspiring stories, who started their own business and are successful against all odds. Not because she is biased against her own identity but because it portrayed the dearth of bold risk takers among women.

Some employers prefer male employees over women as they doubt their commitment, sincerity and ability to work hard. The company does not want to invest in women talent pool as they believe that women will quit as soon as they tie the sacred knot or to take care of their children or elderly parents. This is a virtual reality as a woman quits because of the lack of opportunity to grow in a male dominated environment or unfair analysis of her dedication.

A recent survey by Europe’s Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) gives us some hard facts to chew, which breaks the prevalent myth of gender equality. The study found that lack of confidence and lower career expectations are the main reasons of holding them back. Although the corporate workforce has a gender diversity of 50-50, only 12 % of the managerial positions are commanded by the fairer sex.  So this time also the blame game is lost by women as they are considered responsible for this invisible barrier. Although it has been scientifically proven that women are good at multitasking they are still avoided to endow with great responsibility. Lack of role models increases the seriousness of the unjust appraisal of achievements.

Different strict laws have been introduced and implemented to ensure equality in wages and position. These laws have only served the purpose to solve the problem in the entry-level scenario. To cope up with the ‘effect’ we have to find the ‘cause’. We have to analyse the situation at granular level. Solution cannot be derived from compliance but from commitment of both women and men. Although we speak and formulate rules in favour of equality, at the grass-root level the superiority of a woman always haunts a man. Thus an environment gets created in the workplace which is not favourable for a woman to ‘Realise her potential’. This can be changed if we change the mind-set of the society. We have to develop a warm atmosphere of trust, not of hostility. It is not the responsibility of a single person or a single gender to bring this change and this change cannot be brought drastically because of faint visibility of the unspoken discrimination.  The change must be brought from within and the way we help the children to grow irrespective of their gender. In corporate level the change can be ensured by eradication of fear, efficient mentorship and constant encouragement to break the glass ceiling. Voices must be heard and initiatives must be taken whole-heartedly.

On a personal note, I work in a team of 9 out of which 6 are women. My module leader and team leader are women. I feel blessed and proud.


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My MICAT story

I gave MICAT today. It was a disaster. Tsunami. Aila. Everything all together. Was stuck with word association and GK (in which I am a big zero). There was a question to match books and authors and it had two writers from the list I bought yesterday (the only answer in GK section that I answered confidently). Did around 10 questions in quants but was able to mark only 3. Left the English section blank. Time management betrayed me. Blame game::They didn’t tell the time allocated and snatched my paper. Although wrote stories and essays. If there is any sectional cut-off (which will be there for sure because I left a section blank), my dream college will not have a look at my paper or name (both suck a big time..:)) And of course finished the psychometric test.

In the story section there were some pictures given and we were supposed to write a story using all the pictures.

The pictures (not in a perfect order as it is based on my ‘bewafa’ memory):

1. A cow

2. A donkey

3. A shade

4. A boy with a small bag tied with clothes

5. A house surrounded by measuring tape

6. A forest/ a place full of trees

7. A carved piece of wood with some arbitrary geometrical shape

8. Picture of a super hero..looked like He-Man

9. An unclear picture filled with many people.

This is what I wrote:

When I was a kid, I always dreamt of going on a journey full of adventures. I was very inspired by Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. I though one day I will leave this place, with my baggage and my pet donkey on treasure hunt. I was different from other kids of my age. I hated TV, cartoons, even He-Man. I was brought up under the supervision of my dad. Although he frequented the local pub but he infused in me a priceless trait. The sense of adventure and freedom. I always thought one day I will go to Africa and cross the Kalahari desert, will take rest under a shade when I get tired, and then walk again to find my treasure at the end of the long and tiring journey. But this was not possible from this village surrounded by dense forest.

When I grew up I was supposed to go out and get a job. So I went out from Jabalpur to Mumbai. As Mumbai (then Bombay) accepts everyone under the shade of her saree, I was also accepted and I got a job under a milkman from Uttar Pradesh. I used live in the basement of his house which was only a few feet in length and breadth full of wood. I used to carve wood in my free time. That was my hobby. I barely survived there worth mosquitoes and cockroaches. I was used to these as the forest which surrounded my village had a lot of mosquitoes.

Destiny took a bend I was thrown out to work in pub. It was a very small pub mostly visited by coolies and rickshawallahs. I kept my wood carvings in a shelf nearby in the shelf to display. But destiny has planned something else for me.

One day a gentleman entered the pub and asked for me. He asked me if I am interested in working as a carpenter. That was just the beginning. Now I am a self-proclaimed interior designer and I decorate houses a few feet larger than my previous den.

This is a refined version of what I wrote. I had very less time and I was writing whatever came to my mind. The one I wrote originally was worse and I can do better than this. The limit was 300 words and evidently I crossed it.


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