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Vande Mataram

“I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?”

I am proud of being an Indian. I am proud that I spent substantial time of life in Bihar. When I was in Delhi it made me proud that my country has a capital with superb metro service and superb eateries. I am proud that NCR boasts of three women being molested or raped everyday in NCR source. And funny thing is, I write the definition of feminism in my GSB (aptly named Government, Society and Business) examination for marks. In this blog you will find a lot of hate posts about women. Now that makes me a true Indian. A guy growing up in booming India, in his mid twenties, having a distorted image of women. Aah I am so proud to be in that category.

Last time when I wrote a about the Kolkata rape case, it was not out of anger. It was out of shame. Now I am so apathetic about it that I don’t feel even shame. Rather I feel pride. Rambling on Facebook, Twitter and Blog is my best way of feeling proud. My pathetic attention deficit syndrome has finally compelled me to change my DP on FB and I have updated it with a pic that clearly depicts that I am not one of ‘them’. I am cool. I am different. I am thinking that I am going to buy a T-shirt that says “Real men don’t rape’. They blog – I muttered. I know I am writing this to show off to get more likes from girls than boys. I am one of those middle class boys who grew up in a society of suppressed sexuality. That is why I gawk at girls as a piece of meat with my fellow friends. But let me forget the blame game here and feel the pride. I am a true Indian who sitting in a cozy room in Chennai with constant internet connection, is writing shit on his pirated MS Word. After this I will lit a cigarette, post the blog and go on discussing girls of my college and how they looked today. That is not pathetic. That is true Indian pride talking.

I LOL-ed on the fact that people are writing sorry to Damini. Why say sorry? She deserved it. That’s a gift from an Indian to a fellow Indian. She was barely called by her name in media. She is always objectified as the victim. Now that portrayal will surely evoke emotions within us. She was just news and will fade away easily. Busy life, busy people. Busy in raising children, rapists. Few hours ago somebody posted that the ‘victim’ died. Aah that’s a relief. Now I can go back to my hilarious posts on ‘December Fool’s day’ and all Mayan Calendar shit. We make jokes on ‘end of the world’. No one realises that India is already dead.

-Fellow proud self-loathing Indian

[Thinking about the next doomsday joke – the ‘in’ thing]

P.S. Vande Mataram means I salute to (my) mother. Did you note that India is also a woman?

Few readings for reflection :

Why Indian men rape

Dear Victim


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2012…come on…be kickass!!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Read from a friend’s post on FB shared from Bible verse.

Christmas is here and new year is near. Shit that was long back. Holy fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. What a supercool way to start the first post of 2012, with the holy F word. Sorry loser readers I was a bit high on spirits. Now I am totally dry. BTW, Happy New Year. Well begun is Half done. Half….so clichéd….it is never full. Hope you all started the first half part well. I did not do bad either. Decided to buy Firefox Nitro and start cycling seriously/passionately/just-for-fun/on whim. Now to make it more whimsical, I have decided to write. And write about the most interesting thing on earth (unarguably). Me. Shit, clichéd again. So I decided after reading a post that I will rewrite an ad about myself in the exact way only my name added.

Hello, my name is Tanmoy and yes, I admit it, I pretty much just look at your pictures. Do you actually read these? =P


I came from a very small sperm. And, there was this ovum that came from my mom, but I’m pretty sure that I was mostly the sperm part. Later on in my life an ex-girlfriend would say, “100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?”


I’m a fun and honest guy and I have an awesome job in an IT biggie (aah…who am I kidding). In person I’m pretty shy when it comes to women…so that’s why I’m hiding behind this computer. And, my skin sparkles like diamonds in direct sunlight.


I’m pretty ambitious…I have tried learning French. I have tried to crack CAT. I have tried to lose weight. I have tried to be fairer. LOL.


Also, I am not a total fat ass. I try to exercise everyday for 30 minutes on my stationary bike. And, I usually eat fairly healthy.


Anyway, good luck to you, because I can have any woman I please. But, apparently so far, I haven’t pleased any of them.


Actually, I don’t want to put too much information on here, because I can only handle one woman at a time. =P


So, If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…

Come on, sugar, let me know.


First Date:


You will fan me and feed me grapes…actually it’ll probably be the other way around. =) Maybe we could do something like go shopping so I can buy you a new car. Let me know.


But, if we do have a date, or something, then we’ll tell everyone we met when I dropped tea on your feet at tea junction.

Enough of me, now more of me.

I was watching Roadies 9 auditions and it struck me (actually they advertised) that a reality show with 9 seasons in India is not bad. See I am not a big fan of Roadies but I don’t hate it either. I actually love to watch the auditions. I really respect Roadies and Raghu Ram for creating a trend and a dream for the youth, and mind it, I am not going in their content and its quality. There are youths who have been trying to be a Roadie.

Many people think that being a Roadie is cool. I respect them for instilling this thinking in today’s youth. For making Roadie a phenomenon. It takes lot more than hype to make a successful reality show like that.  It is like showing mirror to viewers and showing the joker face residing in everyone. Even my roommate went for the auditions (Yes he is from delhi).

All the best Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay.

CAT results are out. Pathetic. So don’t ask and shut the fuck up.

Watch two animated movies back to back. Coraline and Mary & Max. Superb movies. Dark. Not made for humour. Has a deep story and gripping storytelling and screenplay. Must Watch. Also watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (original of Ek Deewana Tha). Nice movie.

Till then lemme R.I.P.

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blah blah

Just read this on a friend’s wall on facebook:

Sorry works when mistake is made, it doesn’t work when trust is broken.

I have been out of idiot box for quite a while. I have not seen tv for may be last six months. I will not say ‘I hate it’ rather I adore it. I can get glued to random moving things on the big LCD screen (and yes, we guys have LCD at our rented flat). It is just that I did not find time for sone serious tv watching. But last day a superb video (yes, you guessed it right, it was posted on facebook) made me realise that I am missing a lot. I was watching a performance by a group called ‘Bad Salsa’ on India’s got talent and woohoo they can dance. Trust me. These kids are from Kolkata (yeaa, my city) and they perform some nerve and bone cracking moves which make us go, ‘Gosh, is that real?’ And believe me they can beat any dancer of ‘Just Dance’, any day.

By the way, I loved airtel’s ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’ campaign and also the new Docomo ads. Conceptually innovative and beautifully executed. Although the ‘everywhere with you’ concept has been previously, well successfully iterated by another mobile service provider, but this is catchy too. Writing this blog watchin CL T20 on tv (yes I am watching crcket). Actually I am watching the cheerleaders while the cameramen are busy shooting each and every potential cheerleader in the crowd. I hope the ‘non-cricketing’ concept of cheerleading catches Indian market fast so that the parents of ‘would-be’ bride can boast in their daughter’s matrimonial profile that ‘she was a cheerleader back in her early 20’s. And it will help the prospective groom’s side to avoid the junk.

I would like to keep it short and simple this time.

Signin off…

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Daily D

A lot of things are happening around me but I am not feeling a single thing. My dad’s eldest brother died. I was sad, not because I loved him a lot but because he loved me a lot. My sister got admission in Sikkim Manipal University for engineering but I am not feeling happy. She got her new number; she is big girl now, on her own. Not a single thing felt.

In the office one of my friend-cum-colleague has started teasing me about a girl and God I hate that. It is so lame and childish. I know I am single but so not-ready-to-mingle. I am not saying that the abovementioned girl is not good but I can’t help it if I don’t feel that way (at least as of now). Moreover I don’t know how she feels. So I am trying desperately to avoid such bullshits as they are quite annoying.

Watched ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ on idiot box <enter a random number because I don’t remember> times and felt emotional again. Stupid yet emotional. Simultaneously.

After a long break I pulled myself up and went to my classes again. I didn’t enjoy it, neither did I hate it, and I am giving my mock test today too. I took a bath just now and ready to take the test.  Wooh baby I am trying to bring some change. I want to run. Run far away from all these. Can’t define ‘all these’ though. My roommate is hopping around from one room to another. Is he searching something? I don’t bother to ask. I know he is getting bored. Me too.

I bought some vegetables this morning. I was asleep when our maid entered the room, prepared me an undrinkable tea which eventually woke me up (it can bring a dead man back to life, miracle), and broadcasted that there are no vegetables, so no food will be cooked. I being a responsible fellow and thinking about my sleeping roommates and me, I put on my tees and went to the market with sleepy eyes. And after all that hard work she prepared crappy food again (the one which can bring a dead man back to life, miracle…hope you got the picture). Nevertheless I ate all that because I was hungry. I think our maid knows that we will eat only when we will be hungry, and anything tastes good when you are starving.

I was thinking of getting a bike some time back but the dream is now on hold for some unavoidable reasons. I was missing my bicycle today when some memories of it came to my mind. More on my teen bicycle adventures later. Now my roomies are off to City Centre and I did not go because I have to give the mock test. Any other day I would have missed the test but today I have decided to face the challenge.

Wish me luck.


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