And I heard, Whoopsy Daisy

You gotta be kiddin me.

I have posted random blogs for the last 9 months, whined about every single thing under the sun, and acted like a total jerk, philosopher, moron, sensible, sometimes all of them in a single post. But even after writing from ‘Direct Dil Se’ I do think that I have not received what I deserve. So I thought that the ‘cycle of pregnancy’ is over and now I need some serious marketing gimmicks to popularise my blog. I am sure it I will fail this time also (experience speaks-results of desperation are always disastrous). So I contacted my fellow blogger-Sparky Laurie, and begged her on my knees (literally) to help me out here. She seems very intelligent, at least seems from her nuggets (which can be very deceptive sometimes), and I trusted her to do some magic for Baked Stale. So after emotionally blackmailing her and begging her for the nth time, voila, here comes my gift from her.

Yes friends, fellow bloggers and my dear readers Baked Stale has won her first award. Cheers. Drumroll.

Now the Rules:

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

1. Thank you very very much sparkylaurie. Accept my sincerest gratitude.

2. Recently discovered 15 Blogs that I love to dig (not in any particular order). I have not included my blogroll in this. And the nominations go to:

a) Life of pri

b) Disgruntled mob

c) raagshahana

d) Blink of Thought

e) Thoughtfuljunk

f) Humming Words

g) News That Matters Not

h) Milkmiracle

i) Just Like That

j) A crooked smile

k) Bucking Fastard

l) Tumbling Thoughts

m) Punk Polka Dots

n) I for an eye

o) Meaningless Scribble

3. I love this part as I love myself and talking about myself and writing about myself. Although the ‘about me’ page is comprehensive than this, but rules are rules.

7 they asked and 7 it is (wanna know more ask me…lol)

a) Too sensitive and emotional guy.

b) I am single (at least at the time of writing). Had a break up few months back. Still recovering.

c) I love eating.

d) I am shy at first and blabberbox later.

e) I am witty and have a good sense of humour (at least that is what I think).

f) I am an engineer working in a MNC.

g) I wear earrings in both my ears.

On a serious note I was a bit surprised when I came to know about my nomination at 6:30 this morning. All credit goes to sparkylaurie and thank you for the pleasant surprise (and thank you for the stupidity to consider me as ‘versatile’).

Each and Every blog mentioned above is worth read, trust me.



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15 responses to “And I heard, Whoopsy Daisy

  1. pri

    hey tanmoy, thanks a lot for the nomination…im flattered and needless to say, my day is made! 😀

    its nice knowing you—even though in just 7 points…hope to know more about you in the future as i plan to drop by more often, around here…

    till then,
    take care
    and keep smiling

  2. AS


    thanks for liking the post and for this award!
    ur blog is really nice, will visit regularly 🙂

  3. congratulations and thank you…may you go miles ahead now and 9 months is nothing…it took me almost one n half years to get some serious readers to read me…so hang in there n keep writing:-)

  4. This is exactly what I like best about you…you hav a rare winning combo -the greatest sense of humor and are totally down to earth….not to mention your witty and stylish writing! You totally deserved it….do me a favor , keep up this upbeat attitude and never stop blogging 😉
    Sparky Laurie

  5. I for an Eye

    ahhaaa….an award after a long time!!!! 😀
    Thank ya…will surely be writing an ‘acceptance post’ for the same on mine pretty soon…

  6. Pingback: Seeking Truth… | I for an Eye

  7. thanks for the nomination! 😀 and sorry fr the late acknowledgement 😛

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