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Can’t be better

All beautiful things are worth taking pain for.

I have always found that love is overrated. No I am not a cynic, rather a realist. I have been in and out of relationships and I have witnessed the love fade away. That being said I have also witnessed the so called eternal love stories where they are in deep and blind love, they get married and live happily ever after. But adjustments do form an important part of a ‘healthy’ and long lasting relationship.

I also think that love cannot be among equals. Either one has to love down while the other loves up. If equals do fall for each other their equality may become the issue of conflicts arising from most unexpected of the situations. This loving up & down creates two categories. The ‘good enough’ and the ‘can’t be better’.


Nisa and Avik fell in love in their college days. They were the perfect example of the borrowed concept of high school sweethearts. Although they were jealousy inducing couple and seemed perfect and were popular among their peers, their friends had a tingling feeling whenever they encountered them hand-in-hand. This was probably because Nisa is dark-skinned and Avik is milky-white, Nisa was an average student while Avik was comparatively intellectually élite. In India where fairness is a measure of beauty and beauty is a measure of love, these kind of relationships are rare. It is rare to see a dark-skinned woman with a ‘fair & handsome’ man. We have been brought up in a society where men are stereotyped as tall, dark, handsome while women have to be fair. Nisa and Avik broke norms. Moral of the story is that according to clichéd beauty concepts Avik is ‘better’ than Nisa and that probably disturbed their friends at some level. But it was impossible to discuss these issues forget about voicing them. They were both engineers, belonged to modern society, wore branded attires and were going to work in an IT giant. Talking ‘trash’ did not suit them.

Nisa was a beautiful woman. She was big bosomed lady and had equally attractive waist line. She knew that she is a head turner which was enhanced by her unquestionable dressing sense. She was perky and could easily make friends. She was soft and used to cry for no reason. Her friends adored her, both men and women. She loved splurging, shopping and smiling. Apart from the fact that everyone knew she was already taken which she voiced with pride, she always acted innocent which made it very difficult for guys hitting on her. But men will be men and she has received her fair share of attention, love-letters and gawking.

Avik was a one of those guys who looked ruggedly handsome in carefully careless scanty beard. He was fair, tall and muscular. His rimless glasses made him even more irresistible. But he was above and beyond looking good. He was intelligent and he was one of the top performers in Nisa’s college. He will truly make you believe that ‘God is unfair’. Avik has also received his ‘fair’ share of attention, love-letters and gawking.

Both Nisa and Avik got placed from campus in Intellitech Consultancy Services, the biggest ITES Company in India and that is where they met Nikhil. Nikhil was a jovial chap. He always maintained a balance between his studies and fun. He paid due attention to his female colleagues but when it came to studies or work he was more than serious. He knew that he was not a brainiac and always tried to compensate it with his hard work and sheer dedication. He had a good sense of humour and easily became friends with Avik and Nisa.

Avik was careerist and within few weeks into their training he started teaching a whole batch of new joinees on the request of his beautiful HR. Company is a totally different ball game when compared to college. Nisa may have enjoyed her popularity because of her big bosom and bigger heart, but at Intellitech the number of girls around increased threefold. They came from all the corners of India in all sizes, shapes and moods and that meant an increased competition and increased sense of insecurity for Nisa. But Nisa was a smart girl and she made a lot of friends, apart from Nikhil. Her insecurity was also diminished by the apathy of Avik towards girls.

After training Avik got a high profile project due to his performance during the training. Both Nisa and Nikhil were benched. Those days were dreamy for Nisa as she got regular salary as pocket money which she spent on more dresses and more. Nikhil got frustrated in those days listening to constant chatter of Nisa. Luckily after about three months they got the same project and same work profile. Nikhil was a guy and he knew the importance of a career. Quickly he assumed a lot of responsibilities and became a dependable employee in the project. Nisa with her laid-back attitude tried to cope up with the corporate life venting out her frustration due to work pressure though frequent exhibition of tears. Nikhil was always there as a friend to wipe them and provide comfort. He considered it as an added responsibility given that his friend Avik was always busy.

The chemistry between Nikhil and Nisa was very much visible to other colleagues in the project and they started teasing them. ‘You are lucky bloke that she is your friend.’ ‘At least introduce us once, we will take care of the rest.’ Nikhil enjoyed the attention as it provided a much-needed relief from the work pressure and answered them with a stupid smile. ‘She is just a friend’, which added more fuel to the fire.

‘You have a thing for him, isn’t it?’ Her boss once said, in front of Nikhil. Nikhil smiled stupidly and tried to ignore her. Nisa was smart and innocent. ‘O, Stop you. Don’t spread or believe these rumours. He is just like my brother.’ Nisa said casually pointing at Nikhil. This really irritated Nikhil. He hated girls who called him like-brother. ‘Don’t ever do that. Don’t ever call me your brother. I am not your brother and I have no intention of being one. I have a sister and she is more than enough. It is like you have a feeling for me and you want to shadow it with a pseudo-relationship tag. “Brother” is an invisible chastity belt for girls. Don’t you worry. Avik is my good friend and I will never hit on you.’

‘Okay, Okay you love birds. Stop fighting. Go to your cubicles and start work now’, their boss stopped the whole thing before it went out of hand. In the meantime Avik was learning and growing really fast in the organisation, but in IT services companies, however big they may be, stagnation dawned as quickly as you learn. Avik switched companies along with city. He got a lucrative offer from Mango Inc., a California-based tech product company. He shifted his base to Bengaluru, the city to be.

Nisa cried again. This time her boss also consoled her along with Nikhil. ‘Stop crying all the time. He will be fine and you can visit him once a month. I will sanction your leave. Now stop your sob.’ But she didn’t and Nikhil was confused this time. ‘What will be the correct and best way to make her stop crying,’ he thought. Her boss tried again. ‘Okay tell me what do you want to be in life?’ ‘I wanted to be an actress.’ Nikhil smiled and thought she would have made a beautiful and successful one. ‘But I can’t, because I am dark. So now I want to be a housewife. I want to marry Avik soon and want to spend money, a lot,’ she said with muffed voice trying desperately to breathe, sob and talk, all at once. ‘But now there is even more distance between us.’

After Avik left the city life became busy for all of them. Nikhil and Nisa found less time to talk to each other. Office colleagues got bored of teasing them once they sensed the futility of their venture and Nisa’s commitment. Nisa also cried less and dropped tears only in case of serious issues like periods, dandruff, unsolvable bug and bad lunch. ‘You are becoming mature’, teased Nikhil at their daily meet during lunch. She smiled and ate silently.

Nisa has not cried for a long long time, may be weeks. One day, out of the blue the tears reappeared. ‘What happened this time? Did they put extra salt in the sambhar?’ asked Nikhil to cheer her up. She didn’t say anything.

‘O, come on now. Stop crying and speak up’

‘My parents want me to marry’

‘So? Ask Avik to marry you. What is the problem here?’

‘He doesn’t want to marry this soon.’

‘Tell your parents to wait a little then.’

‘I don’t want to wait. I don’t know if I am good enough for him. What if he finds a new one?’

‘If you love him you have to trust him. You have to wait.’ She kept mum.

‘You love him, right?’ She didn’t speak a word. ‘Tell me.’

‘I don’t know.’

This made Nikhil muddled and bold. ‘Then why are you stuck with him? You are beautiful. You can get a lot of guys.’

‘That guy can’t be better than him’

P.S. All characters are fictitious and there is no damn doubt about it.



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Reasons to be back


Listing the reasons for me being back on ‘Baked Stale’ may take time but lemme tell you the main reason. “I am a different person now” and yes its true. I have been exposed to a lot of new things which I didn’t know. I have come across people, places and platforms that has left me awestruck. Since I am going to leave LIBA in a couple of days this post deserves to blabber a bit about LIBA and the Digital Marketing Management in particular. DMM was a time pass course for me which I took for only fulfilling my credits (Honest Confession) but to my amazement the exposure to new things, new technology, new platforms that I received from the course was incomparable and very appealing to my pseudo nerdy soul. My present project is to try out all the social media platforms in which I have been dormant e.g Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc and the best thing is that it is not a part of curriculum. Not only there is completely new and exciting world out there (for me!!) I was also taken about by their usage in personal branding. Now I can very proudly say that I have few followers in both Twitter and Pinterest. The companies are also integrating their campaign in different social media platforms. Urge you all to follow me asap.

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iPad selfie


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March 23, 2014 · 8:56 pm

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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No, this is not an obituary post to declare that the writer in me has luckily died. I am sorry. I am really really sorry. Suffice to say that my so called half-hearted and enthu-lacking sorry is not soothing enough to calm down your fury. I know I have been absconding and the reasons are not genuine enough to be mentioned in my precious (supposedly) blog. I just didn’t feel like writing (or was I too busy partying?). So let’s start all over again.


E’vthin rocking that side?

I know you all are eager to know this side of the story, so without beating around the bushes (and no more pregnant pauses) I will right away start my blabbering.

Life is good over here (except it being super boring).

And ‘Life is good’, does not mean that I am ‘not’ single. I am still desperate and frustrated (now stop laughing or I will punch you so hard that even ‘Google’ will not be able to find you – clichéd).

So, first things first.

My CAT is next week and I have stopped caring and preparing (I know it is not new to you).

I am watching a lot of movies (and some of them are worth mentioning in this post).

I have no work at office (and sush…don’t tell that to anybody…or my platinum days at office are over).

I collected F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from goobs, have been watching them and already completed two seasons. I should say ‘How I met your mother’ is wayyy better. Friends is too mild for my taste.

Ra.1 got released and have not planned yet to watch the movie. I love the song Chammak Challo…Wanna be my chammak challo…Ooh ooh ooh…now stop humming.

F1 may be cancelled. Vijay – the dude is furious about it.

And some usual stuff and minimal OMG stuff.

Back to movies and lemme start with the movie that I watched today.

You all know I am not that ‘into’ hindi flicks, but my friend suggested me to watch Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. She said she loved it (yes losers, she is a ‘she’, how is that? On the face you suckers) and I should at least give it a try. So I downloaded the movie last night and watched it this morning (and so comes the post). Well, there are reasons (apart from my eternal financial crisis), why I decided to watch the movie on my laptop instead of the swanky multiplex. I actually have no one to watch the movie with. I can’t watch them with my roomies. It seems a bit gay and moreover one of them is a psycho and other one is in love. So I was only left with option of spending a weekend morning with fags, tea and my sexy lappy. I started watching the movie, frankly speaking, with an air of negativity and midway thought giving up the whole idea of completing the movie as it seemed too college-ish. But as the movie progressed, lucky flick, caught my attention. I ended up watching the whole movie and a small smile on my face. The movie is one-time-watch, popcorn-story and nicely executed. On top of that it does not bore you. I was so influenced that I actually sent a friend request to a girl on FB whom I have seen a lot of times in my office (I know that sounds tacky and despo, but can’t help, sorry). Fingers crossed praying that she accepts (pathetic, isn’t it? Who cares!!).

I also watched two bengali movies. No, they were not dev-jeet types with paglu-coke in it.

The first one was ‘Icche’. Superb movie. Mind blowing. No words to explain. Acting and story is good. Kudos to the director. It is a typical story of a confused Bengali boy searching for his own identity and his over-protective mother. Sohini Sengupta was out of the league. You will go through a varied range of emotions while watching the movie. I am not literate enough to comment more on the movie of such calibre.

The second movie was ‘Gandu-the Loser by Q’. I watched his movie ‘Love in India – by Q’ and actually loved it. But Q has disappointed me this time. The movie seemed like a veil to bring porn stuff in mainstream cinema. I am not against erotic scenes in movies, but the movie seemed too desperate and mindless. It lacks story or direction. The acting is good. The music is too good. Hats off to FLI.  In the end I enjoyed the movie, may be beacause it is not released in India or it has dialogues with enough explicit language or may be because it has Rii.

That’s all from this side. Eager to know that side of story (if you ever read this post…huh).

P.S. My blog has crossed more than 3k hits (half of them are mine…lol) and I am about to complete ‘The white tiger’ (it is ossum), itching (no specific spot) to start ‘Immortals of Meluha’.

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And I heard, Whoopsy Daisy

You gotta be kiddin me.

I have posted random blogs for the last 9 months, whined about every single thing under the sun, and acted like a total jerk, philosopher, moron, sensible, sometimes all of them in a single post. But even after writing from ‘Direct Dil Se’ I do think that I have not received what I deserve. So I thought that the ‘cycle of pregnancy’ is over and now I need some serious marketing gimmicks to popularise my blog. I am sure it I will fail this time also (experience speaks-results of desperation are always disastrous). So I contacted my fellow blogger-Sparky Laurie, and begged her on my knees (literally) to help me out here. She seems very intelligent, at least seems from her nuggets (which can be very deceptive sometimes), and I trusted her to do some magic for Baked Stale. So after emotionally blackmailing her and begging her for the nth time, voila, here comes my gift from her.

Yes friends, fellow bloggers and my dear readers Baked Stale has won her first award. Cheers. Drumroll.

Now the Rules:

1.  Thank the person who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post. 

2.  Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.

3.  List 7 things about yourself. (end of post.)

1. Thank you very very much sparkylaurie. Accept my sincerest gratitude.

2. Recently discovered 15 Blogs that I love to dig (not in any particular order). I have not included my blogroll in this. And the nominations go to:

a) Life of pri

b) Disgruntled mob

c) raagshahana

d) Blink of Thought

e) Thoughtfuljunk

f) Humming Words

g) News That Matters Not

h) Milkmiracle

i) Just Like That

j) A crooked smile

k) Bucking Fastard

l) Tumbling Thoughts

m) Punk Polka Dots

n) I for an eye

o) Meaningless Scribble

3. I love this part as I love myself and talking about myself and writing about myself. Although the ‘about me’ page is comprehensive than this, but rules are rules.

7 they asked and 7 it is (wanna know more ask me…lol)

a) Too sensitive and emotional guy.

b) I am single (at least at the time of writing). Had a break up few months back. Still recovering.

c) I love eating.

d) I am shy at first and blabberbox later.

e) I am witty and have a good sense of humour (at least that is what I think).

f) I am an engineer working in a MNC.

g) I wear earrings in both my ears.

On a serious note I was a bit surprised when I came to know about my nomination at 6:30 this morning. All credit goes to sparkylaurie and thank you for the pleasant surprise (and thank you for the stupidity to consider me as ‘versatile’).

Each and Every blog mentioned above is worth read, trust me.


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Generous me

Only thing constant in this world is ‘change’. Now when it is official that I left FB, no no I just deactivated my profile (not deleted it), it is time for some change.

-‘Yes, of course I know you deactivated it and not deleted it, you social networking addict sonofavich (not literally or figuratively), you will return to mama soon-crying’.

Since I have deprived myself of the royal amenity to post my status updates, speaking of which I must tell  you that I  was addicted to it, my blog will serve the purpose and punishment of  portraying my instinct and whim, which means my posts will be shorter and more frequent (long ones will eventually appear infrequently). Now since the format of ‘Baked Stale’ is changing, I thought let me revamp the look and feel too. So a new theme and repositioning of widgets will do-it-all. The sitemap will remain the same and so will the blogger (all suggestion to change them are welcome and will be shown the pathway to trashbin). It is like old wine in a new bottle. Okhay let me rephrase the previous line – it is like ‘stale’ sandwich with a desperate attempt to cover the stinking with cheese slices (whoa, who am I kidding?).

It has been 6 months I am on WordPress, and after 26 posts, 33 comments and 1742 hits, I decided to write a reader’s review of my blog. So here am I sitting on reader’s seat/chair/table/couch/commode/whatever and writing bullshit.

-you think that you write well but sometimes, okhay most of the times you suck.

-I will try to pour some more of me.

-stop misspelling ‘okhay’ and ‘ossum’, and using ‘me-is’ and some other clichés. It does not make you cool.

-It does make me cool.

-you have a decent sense of humour, which frequently gets lost in so-called thought provoking and philosophical posts. May be because of your mood swings or trying-to-sound-intellectual attitude. BTW you write crappy philosophy.

-Will try to refrain. Daily humour will be back.

-did I forget to tell you that I like your P.S. thingy where you subtly try to echo the theme of your post.

-Thankya (big grin on the face and flattered to infinity).

-don’t be too dramatic I said ‘I like’ but don’t overuse it. Scarcity creates mystery.

-if the sentence is long make each word so interesting that they seem stars in the milkyway. If it’s boring keep it short or rather don’t keep it unless absolutely necessary and related to the post.

-Point taken.

-increase the humour, write satire, broaden your horizon, keep it short and get back on FB (you can’t live without it). You owe FB for a few of your hit counts.

-Checkpoints jotted down. Will try to return as soon as I recover from my mood swing.

Okhay that was very generous of me to allow a reader (yours truly) to share his thoughts but I do repent it. I am posting this just to keep my words but I should tell you that these readers are like girls. You can’t live without them, and you can’t live with them (as in live-in). They will bring out the worst in you.

I am in sincere need of a hug.

And some beer.

Ah although the first one is a rarity the second one is stacked in my refrigerator and I am gonna grab some. Jealous? Me too.


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