I have been thinking what this blog is all about and I found out. The process of finding out about this blog has been a very tedious job for me, physically and mentally.

Physically because pressing keys is a cumbersome job although I do it all the time. It is addictive. A degree lesser than FB, I guess.

Mentally because I had to come out of my narcissist alter ego and visit the blog as a third person.

After a lot of research and complex analysis I found out that the blog is all about ‘nothing’. Isn’t that too obvious (after reading all the post). This blog is about confusion (of what to write), thoughts (mentally tedious again), randomness (aha…something new) and very personal (as if I care).

I tried to find out the central theme behind this blog and the process was amazingly revealing. When I started, around two months back, I thought of writing a media review cum movie review blog, based on the movie freak I am. But I repent now because I thought so. I am very bad at thinking and worse at writing. Next I thought of writing about some social issues. But found out that those issues are handled well by news channels, newspapers, Wikileaks and GraetBong . Next I thought to give the blog a personal touch. I ended up in a writing a blog which seems to be a marketing gimmick of an underrated product, me (self proclaimed).

I tried to improve the look and feel (and the posts as well) of the blog evident from the shining right column. And when I had nothing to write I just typed in some blabbering on my ‘about’ page. And here it is.

Please don’t comment. And if you do, do it at your own risk as they will be published, publicly.

Next time I feel like writing and in dearth of subject I will edit the ‘about‘ page or torment the ‘moi‘ page with my whim.

moi…ab teri baari hai….ha ha..i am coming.

Enough is enough.


6 responses to “about

  1. aryA

    🙂 randomness..

  2. I am commenting …..and at my own risk…..LOL ..I like your witty,simple and yet conversationalist style of writing.The topic really doesn’t matter,just keep the posts comin! 😉

  3. Hi … love your blog. Just nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.You deserve it! Link : http://sparkylaurie.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/life-is-full-of-surprises-versatile-blogger-nomination/
    Sparky Laurie

  4. DI

    That, was funny 😀
    So do not ‘edit’ the page, add to it perhaps? I am all for randomness! Enjoying this blog!

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