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2012…come on…be kickass!!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Read from a friend’s post on FB shared from Bible verse.

Christmas is here and new year is near. Shit that was long back. Holy fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. What a supercool way to start the first post of 2012, with the holy F word. Sorry loser readers I was a bit high on spirits. Now I am totally dry. BTW, Happy New Year. Well begun is Half done. Half….so clichéd….it is never full. Hope you all started the first half part well. I did not do bad either. Decided to buy Firefox Nitro and start cycling seriously/passionately/just-for-fun/on whim. Now to make it more whimsical, I have decided to write. And write about the most interesting thing on earth (unarguably). Me. Shit, clichéd again. So I decided after reading a post that I will rewrite an ad about myself in the exact way only my name added.

Hello, my name is Tanmoy and yes, I admit it, I pretty much just look at your pictures. Do you actually read these? =P


I came from a very small sperm. And, there was this ovum that came from my mom, but I’m pretty sure that I was mostly the sperm part. Later on in my life an ex-girlfriend would say, “100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?”


I’m a fun and honest guy and I have an awesome job in an IT biggie (aah…who am I kidding). In person I’m pretty shy when it comes to women…so that’s why I’m hiding behind this computer. And, my skin sparkles like diamonds in direct sunlight.


I’m pretty ambitious…I have tried learning French. I have tried to crack CAT. I have tried to lose weight. I have tried to be fairer. LOL.


Also, I am not a total fat ass. I try to exercise everyday for 30 minutes on my stationary bike. And, I usually eat fairly healthy.


Anyway, good luck to you, because I can have any woman I please. But, apparently so far, I haven’t pleased any of them.


Actually, I don’t want to put too much information on here, because I can only handle one woman at a time. =P


So, If you want my body and you think I’m sexy…

Come on, sugar, let me know.


First Date:


You will fan me and feed me grapes…actually it’ll probably be the other way around. =) Maybe we could do something like go shopping so I can buy you a new car. Let me know.


But, if we do have a date, or something, then we’ll tell everyone we met when I dropped tea on your feet at tea junction.

Enough of me, now more of me.

I was watching Roadies 9 auditions and it struck me (actually they advertised) that a reality show with 9 seasons in India is not bad. See I am not a big fan of Roadies but I don’t hate it either. I actually love to watch the auditions. I really respect Roadies and Raghu Ram for creating a trend and a dream for the youth, and mind it, I am not going in their content and its quality. There are youths who have been trying to be a Roadie.

Many people think that being a Roadie is cool. I respect them for instilling this thinking in today’s youth. For making Roadie a phenomenon. It takes lot more than hype to make a successful reality show like that.  It is like showing mirror to viewers and showing the joker face residing in everyone. Even my roommate went for the auditions (Yes he is from delhi).

All the best Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay.

CAT results are out. Pathetic. So don’t ask and shut the fuck up.

Watch two animated movies back to back. Coraline and Mary & Max. Superb movies. Dark. Not made for humour. Has a deep story and gripping storytelling and screenplay. Must Watch. Also watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (original of Ek Deewana Tha). Nice movie.

Till then lemme R.I.P.


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No, this is not an obituary post to declare that the writer in me has luckily died. I am sorry. I am really really sorry. Suffice to say that my so called half-hearted and enthu-lacking sorry is not soothing enough to calm down your fury. I know I have been absconding and the reasons are not genuine enough to be mentioned in my precious (supposedly) blog. I just didn’t feel like writing (or was I too busy partying?). So let’s start all over again.


E’vthin rocking that side?

I know you all are eager to know this side of the story, so without beating around the bushes (and no more pregnant pauses) I will right away start my blabbering.

Life is good over here (except it being super boring).

And ‘Life is good’, does not mean that I am ‘not’ single. I am still desperate and frustrated (now stop laughing or I will punch you so hard that even ‘Google’ will not be able to find you – clichéd).

So, first things first.

My CAT is next week and I have stopped caring and preparing (I know it is not new to you).

I am watching a lot of movies (and some of them are worth mentioning in this post).

I have no work at office (and sush…don’t tell that to anybody…or my platinum days at office are over).

I collected F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from goobs, have been watching them and already completed two seasons. I should say ‘How I met your mother’ is wayyy better. Friends is too mild for my taste.

Ra.1 got released and have not planned yet to watch the movie. I love the song Chammak Challo…Wanna be my chammak challo…Ooh ooh ooh…now stop humming.

F1 may be cancelled. Vijay – the dude is furious about it.

And some usual stuff and minimal OMG stuff.

Back to movies and lemme start with the movie that I watched today.

You all know I am not that ‘into’ hindi flicks, but my friend suggested me to watch Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. She said she loved it (yes losers, she is a ‘she’, how is that? On the face you suckers) and I should at least give it a try. So I downloaded the movie last night and watched it this morning (and so comes the post). Well, there are reasons (apart from my eternal financial crisis), why I decided to watch the movie on my laptop instead of the swanky multiplex. I actually have no one to watch the movie with. I can’t watch them with my roomies. It seems a bit gay and moreover one of them is a psycho and other one is in love. So I was only left with option of spending a weekend morning with fags, tea and my sexy lappy. I started watching the movie, frankly speaking, with an air of negativity and midway thought giving up the whole idea of completing the movie as it seemed too college-ish. But as the movie progressed, lucky flick, caught my attention. I ended up watching the whole movie and a small smile on my face. The movie is one-time-watch, popcorn-story and nicely executed. On top of that it does not bore you. I was so influenced that I actually sent a friend request to a girl on FB whom I have seen a lot of times in my office (I know that sounds tacky and despo, but can’t help, sorry). Fingers crossed praying that she accepts (pathetic, isn’t it? Who cares!!).

I also watched two bengali movies. No, they were not dev-jeet types with paglu-coke in it.

The first one was ‘Icche’. Superb movie. Mind blowing. No words to explain. Acting and story is good. Kudos to the director. It is a typical story of a confused Bengali boy searching for his own identity and his over-protective mother. Sohini Sengupta was out of the league. You will go through a varied range of emotions while watching the movie. I am not literate enough to comment more on the movie of such calibre.

The second movie was ‘Gandu-the Loser by Q’. I watched his movie ‘Love in India – by Q’ and actually loved it. But Q has disappointed me this time. The movie seemed like a veil to bring porn stuff in mainstream cinema. I am not against erotic scenes in movies, but the movie seemed too desperate and mindless. It lacks story or direction. The acting is good. The music is too good. Hats off to FLI.  In the end I enjoyed the movie, may be beacause it is not released in India or it has dialogues with enough explicit language or may be because it has Rii.

That’s all from this side. Eager to know that side of story (if you ever read this post…huh).

P.S. My blog has crossed more than 3k hits (half of them are mine…lol) and I am about to complete ‘The white tiger’ (it is ossum), itching (no specific spot) to start ‘Immortals of Meluha’.

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World is Flat, turning flatter to flattest.

We all believe that the world is flat.

Whether we admit it or not but somewhere in the back of our head we tend to ignore the reality and love to live in fantasy (not in a perverted way, by the way). We discuss who won the Roadies as if Anchal is our langotiya yaar (don’t stress on the langot which was shown in myriad in each episode, made sure, probably by ganja Raghu) and we curse Kanimozhi as if we do care. We love to live life king size and party till dawn. We love to think that we are fit and happy. We drool over Anushka Sharma a.k.a. Shutti or Anne Hathaway as if they will be ours one day. In the previous line you can change the names to any national/international/local actor/actress depending on your gender and preferences. Now stop drooling and concentrate. Sometimes we love to make the time stop.

The slightest hint of brutal reality scares us, but experience reveals that human mind is capable of bearing more than it can imagine. If we compare emotion and common sense, emotion always wins. Emotion can be found in abundance while intelligence is a rarity. If the opposite would have been true then all of us would have born Einstein instead of sissies. That’s why I love dramas more than sci-fis. I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’ more than ‘The Big Bang Theory’, any day under the sun (both are comedies though). By the way if you google ‘big bang theory’ the first result is the sitcom and not the cosmological theory. Evidences galore. Although the word ‘big Bang’ brings something else on my mind (guess what!!).

It is our attraction towards fantasy and deep rooted fear of reality which is helping the entertainment industry to grow by around 17% a year, in India. We love to (or at least pretend to) watch reality based movies like ‘Slumdog millionaire’ or ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and we give our critical ‘seemingly-crucial and yet so crappy-n-stupid’ comments on the movie and yet ‘Dabangg’ is the most commercially successful movie of the year (credit goes to our clapping and whistling throughout the screening). Although A R Rahman gets the Oscars and we detest Ismail Darbar’s comment, still ‘Bhag D.K.Bose’ is lingering on our mind. Do you actually absent-mindedly sing ‘Jai Ho’? We must accept the fact that we don’t love facts.

Let the world be flat and accept the reality that we live in dreams. Dreams are gooood 🙂

P.S. While I am rotting at my place all my friends are at ‘The Basement’ partying and celebrating World Music Day. I hate them!!!

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Devil Inside

Good acting. Superb photography. Cool lingo. Gripping ambience. Bad storyline.

Enough to describe ‘Shaitan’.

The feel of the movie is typical Anurag Kashyap-ish. Those who have watched DevD and Gulaal will recognize his eye for detail and the signature camera work and the ‘water-effect’. The lingo and the lifestyle shown in the first half of the movie seem larger than life for the middle class India. From having a joint in private ‘Holi’ party to racing the ‘Hummer’ with ‘Audi’, everything seems so artificial but keeps you glued. I am still wondering ‘Bhai rishta hai ya gaali?’ Getting a synonym for the ‘crazy vibrator’ made the viewers lmao. The actors are shown as kids of wealthy families, pampered a bit too much. Morals should be kept aside while watching the movie.

Koechlin and Khandelwal steal the show. Although Koechlin’s story seems to be hastily portrayed, Khandelwal as a tough, angry cop and frustrated-but-still-caring husband has been aptly cast. Other actors also paid due respect to their roles through their performance.

The second half of the movie is better and brings you back to real life from fantasy. Visit to Bhendi Bazaar and its detailing are good. The song “Khoya Khoya Chand’ played in the background with gore action hitting the screen is truly awesome.

The movie is meant to be a thriller and it thrills. Some scenes make you say ‘Shit, this shouldn’t have happened’, but some scenes compelled me to utter ‘Now, that’s too much’. A bit of control could have made it better. The ambience gripped me not the story. Although the surprise factor was unexpected at moments but it hardly surprised me.

The best thing about the movie is that, it never tries to teach you moral science. The movie is just an incident. It is stark portrayal of the devil inside every human being.

Tik Tik Tik Tik.

P.S. I am still looking for the Kala Khatta flavour.

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Thanks for the helluva joyride

Enough is enuf. I’m tired of hiding from myself. Let’s face it.

I admit that I was in a pathetic condition and I am recovering fast. Real fast. May be it’s because of the new surroundings that I am living in and loving too much. I live in a supercool flat with supercool roomies now.

Last couple of days were hectic, physically, mentally and of course emotionally. Apathy was my buzzword for the last couple of days in my life. I was just taking one day at a time and waiting for it to pass by. I chuckled and frowned normally, at least it seemed so, in front of others, but I was empty inside. Yes ‘empty’ is the right word that can exactly describe the feelings inside me. I was feeling hollow. It seemed like I was relying too much on my crutches and it fell apart. I am learning to walk again on my feet, and hope to run soon. Call it a human nature that it helps you to accommodate in any condition you are thrown into. It reminds me of the show ‘Wild’ where a person fights to survive in the inhumanly conditions and really loves it. I love it too, superficially.

Okay, after beating about the bush for a while and whining in a complaining tone I am going to break the silence. I had a breakup. This time a real one. She left me deserted and forlorn. Previously it seemed impossible and now it seems too obvious. Irony my friend, irony of fate.

If  I start telling why it happened and how it happened,  it will be a gala saga and I can start a series of blogs and you all will be hell bored (it is too entertaining and bollywoodish for my taste). So let us keep it short and simple.

What I should tell you:

She was cheating on me emotionally (Thank God, not physically!!). I confronted her with my doubts about her commitment and she dumped me. The bitch she is, she said she loves me still but she cannot bear the burden anymore. Typical filmy breakup. Love my arse is a fcukin four letter word which makes you feel that the world around is full of fantasy. Love is like ‘Finding Neverland’. She cried and it all seemed to me as crocodile tears. She left me for another guy with whom she was moving around few days now. Hypocrite and a testerone magnet. I hate her.

What I am telling you (the truth):

I have been a bad boyfriend. **Single/committed-soon-to-be-single girls please ignore the previous line (written in too much emotion and we men cannot handle too much emotion, you all know that).** I cannot handle long distance relationship. I am over possessive and over aggressive. I used to question her freedom incessantly (she is a Capricorn and freedom is her first choice, even ahead of the relationship). I was very sceptical and always scared of losing her. I suffered from insecurity (disadvantage of having a beautiful girl, from inside and outside :P). The guy was just a friend and was not a competition. But sadist in me will never stop. I tried to stop her but ‘enough is enuf’. I was trembling when she dropped the bomb on me. I still love her.

Conclusion after breaking a 4 years old relationship:

1. Pyar Ka Punchnama is a too good movie.

2. I’m scared of only three things: I, me and myself.

3. Long distance relationships never work

(Love is fool’s gold, Trust is the philosopher’s stone and Karma is a bitch).

4. I am right now suffering from a commitmentphobia.

5. I am still feeling hollow and waiting for her.

P.S. A snippet from ‘Turning 30’:What does a girl really mean when she breaks up with you but says that she still loves you and will always? If she means what she’s saying why would she break up with you in the first place? Is it just a way of making you feel better about being dumped? Or is there a faint possibility that she may comeback…?

P.P.S. More on the topic soon. Love, Sex aur Dhoka.

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Weekend, McD and a lots of shopping

Yesterday I woke up at 8:30 in the morning and believe me it’s late. I am an early riser. Last night drank few pegs and slept like a pig (I don’t snore, thankfully). Was about to meet an old friend after a long time but she didn’t call the previous night to confirm. Yes she is a girl and we became friends in my second year on phone. After that we became very good friends. So I called her to ask her why she stood me up. The reason she gave me was quite genuine. She told me that she didn’t forget that she had to call but she didn’t. She doesn’t know why. I know girls and believe me this is a perfectly believable and genuine reason not to give a call back. So she asked me if I can meet that day only. No no, she said, “If you want to meet me, you can today”. I, not being rude, said okay and she told me to meet her at Rashbehari. Moreover I was bored to hell, a typical Saturday morning. From there we went to Park Street. I love Park Street as it has life not like our Sector-V. We went to McDonalds as we can sit there for hours and no will bother. She ate a McChicken burger. I had one McMaharaja and Filet-O-Fish. We both had a dessert and chicken nuggets. After spending a couple of hours there we came out and here begins my shopping spree.

I went to Music World after that. Although I experienced a bad service I bought a lot of music from there. I could not resist myself from sheer music greed. I bought

Joe Satriani – Definitive Collection (3 CDs) – Sony Music

Guns n Roses – Greatest Hits (1 CD) – Universal Music

Perfect Day – 100 amazing songs (5 CDs) – Sony Music

Aamar Hiyar Majhe – Rabindrasangeet (6 CDs) – T Series

Movie DVDs:

  1. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Half Ticket, Jhumroo (all Kishore Kumar classics)
  2. Gol Maal, Chupke Chupke, Bawarchi (all Hrishikesh Mukherjee classics)

Most of the music is for gifting to my friends. Then after that I thought of returning home and was walking back on Park Street with my friend when I spotted – ‘The great Oxford Sale – upto 80% off’. We Indians are always attracted by the ‘sale’ thingy and I am attracted to books. So I headed straight to the Oxford Bookstore to buy books and enjoy the ‘sale’. I bought

Connect The DotsRashmi BansalEklavya Education Foundation

The Ultimate India Quiz Book – Derek O’BrienPenguin Books

Freakonomics – Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner – Penguin Books

Mother Pious Lady – Santosh DesaiHarper Collins and The India Today Group

And I was very happy. After a long time I felt like it was worth spending money and the shopping was fruitful. I don’t know whether I will be able to finish these books in my hectic schedule. Fingers crossed. By the way I returned home after that and saved a whooping Rs. 109.80 (I don’t have the India rupee symbol handy). I watched Half Ticket and fell in love with Madhubala.


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