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Long time…no see

Greed – excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves avarice: reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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I have been watching….oh wait lemme rephrase that.

I have been re-watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and I must admit that I get enthralled every time by the characterisation of Sheldon Cooper. If you are wondering why a Barney Fan is rambling about Cooper (Yeah, that’s the way I like it, far better than Shelly) and that too on Baked Stale which is famous for rambling and whining. Did I say ‘famous’? Must have been a slip of thought. BTW Baked Stale has been receiving consistent traffic even when I was away from her (4 visits per day on an average…I know, lots of people are whimsical).

Enough of blowing own trumpet and lemme come back to the reason why I am rambling about Cooper. In the 4th season there is an episode called ‘Fever’ (19th episode) where somebody robs Cooper’s WOW account. And those of you who are not World of Warcraft fan, trust me, it’s a reeaallyy big deal. Now after watching the episode I thought to myself what may be the possible reason for being an asshole. ‘Greed’ is what comes to the mind instantly. But I asked myself ‘Is greed the answer?’ And then I asked ‘Is greed the only answer?’

As Gurucharan Das says:
When Raju crossed the line from his cheerful and familiar world of open and competitive capitalism into the dark nether regions of crony capitalism, he was no longer in control. He had walked from the transparent world of reformed India into the shadowy underworld of unreformed India, whose rules are set by crooked politicians. Why did he do it? Greed is too easy an answer. It might have been hubris, like Duryodhana’s in the Mahabharata, who thought he was master of the universe and could get away with anything. It is easy to believe your infallibility when everyone in Hyderabad tells you so.

The difficulty of being good

Greed is part of the reason, but it gives a very incomplete imagery of the intention of taking away something from a different person e.g. robbing WOW accounts. What else is in it? I think along with greed there is a superiority complex (I suffer from that a lot) and narcissist alter ego that may come into play. I do admit that every single person is greedy and conceited in one way or the other, consciously or subconsciously, but the fact remains that the man who steals (even with the availability of possible alternative) has an exaggerated image of self portrayal.

The scams, in India and throughout the world, clearly depicts that material gain is not the sole reason behind a herculean goof up. The people behind these scams had better ways to live and behave. But they chose a path of cheating and deceiving under the illusion of their superior stature. We should note that most of the people who are involved in big scams are generally educated, talented and successful. They are ambitious and worked hard to get a position of power. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Sadly they misused their power forgetting the fact that in this world of information overload, hiding is a tough task. It is not greed that accuses Google for being evil and tracking its users. It’s the power which drives them (and the funny thing is we can’t do anything about it).

I think if somebody gets power enough to misuse it for harming others then it is merely a curse. Lessons have to be learnt or else history will be told.

P.S. Excuse the excessive usage of visual imagery as the post lacks substantial literary value.

P.S.S. Staying in my college made me realise that we are not living in post liberalisation era.



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Googling a Girlfriend

When I was in first year of college, I proposed her. She said, ‘a BIG NO’ on my face and stopped talking to me. In third year, on 30th January 2008, she proposed me. I said, ‘a BIIG YESS’ with a BIG grin on my face. In 2011 we will complete our third year. So we thought, ‘enough is enough’. Let us celebrate our 3rd anniversary by doing something different. We are planning a breakup. It will be huge and mutual. Not that it will be something of national importance but at least, for me, it is a Big issue. I will celebrate it with my friends. Like the three syllable movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’, just on a bit smaller canvas (financial issues).

So today in the office me and my colleagues were discussing about finding another girl for me (they are more concerned than I am) just to be ‘close friends’. I gave them my criteria and they started googling their database of friends, and friends of friends and so on..I said she must be older than me (I admit I like older women), because kids are not my type. She must be tall (I am 5’9” and I am not being demanding). And she must not apply make-up. Natural Beauty is what I like. Last but not the least she should be fun to talk with (for my talkative soul).

Although these demand from the ’fairer sex community’ is very reasonable but they considered them to be a bit irrational and unreasonable (at least the make-up part). ‘Whhat the heck, am I asking for Meryl Streep, although I don’t mind’. One friend suggested me to try ‘Shukla’ or ‘class fields’. I thought ‘Shukla’ was an agent and ‘class field’s is his office. I was about to tell him that I am not that desperate when I had an epiphany and found out that he was referring to ‘Sulekha.com’ and ‘classifieds’. When we pointed this out he said, “It was just a slap of mouth”. ‘Light bulb in the head’ moment again and I realised he meant “slip of tongue”. But on a serious note is it very hard for boys to find a genuine green pasture? Whatever, who cares? I have decided I will not be desperate (at least time) to move on and will enjoy the flow of life. By the way, my friends are still googling and saying ‘page rank algo sucks from college days’.

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