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Status Update !!!

I was reading Rashmirathi by Ramdhari Sing Dinkar and realized that that there is too much fuss in India about pre-nupital sex and virgin mother. When ‘Kunti’ can become pregnant with ‘Karn’ before marrying ‘Pandu’ while having a so-called illicit relationship with the Sun God, why sex before marriage is still considered as a taboo in Indian Society (when it has already been portrayed in our mythology)?

I have been super bored for the last couple of weeks. Going through a writer’s block (pretty fashionable these days among bloggers eh..?) and dearth of topics to write on has really kept me entertained. My facebook addiction and my idle time gave me an opportunity to blabber my heart out in the FB LIBA Converts 2012-14 group.  I socialized so much that people got irritated and are really pissed off because of me. They have already formed an opinion about me that I am a complete wannabe social butterfly with no life whatsoever. Impressive first impression and that too even before meeting them personally.

Few days back my very close friend Podu was jumping with joy as he was expected to go onsite by June end. But due to some technical error and rising and falling of the value of Indian Rupee, his onsite got cancelled. Pretty devastated and dejected. He even planned to go for London Olympics. Now this type of things particularly happens to nice people only. The guy is a hard worker (not smart worker mind it) and has never taken part in office politics whatsoever. He never complained about the office pressure when others kept whining about it in front of him. He stretched his work hours and worked diligently asking nothing in return. But here he is with no rewards and an average rating, and this is only because he was not shrewd and never raised his voice to ask something in return of his dedication. I am exactly like him and I must learn from his situation that working hard and claiming reward, getting recognition both are equally important. Noted in the back of my mind.

Left my office last week. It is customary in my office to write a ‘bid adieu’ mail before you leave. The mail has a normal format with thanking everybody and showing off your English prowess. The mail contains your personal mail id and your facebook profile link and you hope that the cute and pretty girl in the other module/cubicle whose FB profile you used to stalk can send you a friend request. By the way that is never going to happen. If you could not talk when you were in office, how the hell will you become friends in Facebook, you stupid. In my case I would have also added the Baked Stale link in my mail, free marketing you know. But I did not do anything like that. Instead I went to every colleague’s seat  and personally said bye to them  except to the cute girl.

Now counting days to join LIBA.

BTW the name of my two new blogs are(looong names):

LIBA Blog : comedyoftrialanderrors (may be scrapped for some reasons)

Finance Blog : debitcreditmismatch

Suggestions on names appreciated.


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LIBA for diva? Naah…

I have been super lazy for not updating my blog. Being a stoner has its toll. Was busy making new friends. Yes I do have new friends. Old friends do u feel like losers? You all should. Was busy making friends with people who are going to join my new Alma Mater. Now I am ready to spill the beans.

I’m moving to Chennai. And most of the people are saying that I chose Chennai over Delhi just because my ex stays there. Let the morons speak and lemme tell you the truth. The truth is she is marrying a tamil guy and she has found the love of her life. Anyway I hate her because she did not give a blowjob to me (except that I have no regrets).

Caution : Don’t believe on any of the words written above. The previous pargraph has been written to draw attention and increase the number of visitors on Baked Stale.

But the partial truth is correct. I am moving to down south and chose it over the national capital. With my pathetic performance in CAT and XAT I was able to convert only 3 colleges out of all the colleges I applied to. I am a shameless loser. I will not lie. Goa Institute of Management (GIM)  rejected me and was thrown out of GD in TAPMI. I don’t regret. Who cares?

The colleges which found me worthy enough are :

1.Lal Bahadur Shashtri Institute of Management (LBS/LBSIM), Delhi

2.Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai

3.Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai

Now the results came out in the same order as the above numbering. I even took admission in LBS before Chennai results were out. When IFMR and LIBA sent their convert letters I was in dilemma. I was confused whether I should stick to LBS or cancel my candidature for any other college. In the end I decided to go for LIBA.

Now ask me why I chose LIBA over LBS. Anyway I am going to tellya.

  1. LIBA is three ranks ahead of LBS in Pagalguy 2012 rankings and I followed it diligently for years.
  2. Delhi did not impress me. The city is filled with fake attitude, snobs and show offs which a little too much for my intellect hungry bong soul.
  3. I have been to Chennai and I liked it. Anyway I kind of respect southies because they take their life and studies seriously, at least that is what I think.
  4. LIBA has slightly better placement figures than LBS. Although LIBA does not publish its placement reports officially but the conclusion has been reached by googled sources.
  5. I have been a part of Facebook group of LBS and the members over there seemed childish. LIBA converts group is way classier but less informative and less active.
  6. LIBA has hostel while LBS has no hostel which is a big problem in the issues of peer learning and will increase the financial toll.
  7. Left IFMR for ROI.
  8. I did my 12th from Loyola High School, Patna, so kind of biased with the brand name.

I don’t need more reason to choose LIBA. And it is futile if u try to convince me to choose Delhi over Chennai. Husein and Devam tried and failed.

Now since I am moving down south I will truly miss Kolkata. Although I have previously blabbered about my own city and my love for her here, but I have never mentioned any person in my life.

I will my office colleagues for sure. Frankly speaking I hate my office. Cheap politics, workaholics, timids and pets are in abundance in my office. I was lucky enough to find a group which actually made my office days tolerable. We always gawked at girls, drank for merriment, made all kind of witty and non-veg jokes and shared our frustration. Even the girls in our group did that. Yes, take it losers, they drank with me and gawked at girls too. 😀 LOL. I will not name my office guys because I may miss some but believe me they were ossum.

I will miss my SomePlaceElse group. I will miss the small adda we used to have after regular office hours. I will miss Podu, Medi, Titir, Pal and Topper. Although the group will be scattered now as everybody is moving out in different directions but the legendary moments we spent are unforgettable. I will also miss Polard Da, my weekend partner in crime :P.

I will miss my granny and granpa with whom I used to stay. I will miss their excessive attention care which I used to hate.

I will miss my company because although it did not fulfil my expectations and really pissed me off, but now I will not be able to carry its tag name. The tag has respect in India being one of the largest business houses.

Anyway I will miss Kolkata, but I am pretty eager to embrace Chennai. Determined to learn Tamil, I am ready feel the heat.

Till then, wish you all a pathetic loser life. See you all on the other side of the commercial.



Oh my fucking Gawd, I almost forgot to make an announcement. I am going to start a new blog, two actually. I know what you all jealous people will say :

‘How much more pathetic you can be. First you tormented us with your random posts on Baked Stale. We love Baked Stale just not you. Now when we are getting bored of your crappy writing you will make us read more of your shit which we seriously don’t want. Please have pity and stop writing.’

And I will answer : ‘Yes you loser readers I will not listen to your requests and will continue to torture you with my grammar less posts filled with typos which I don’t even care to rectify.’

The first blog will be about my Life in LIBA.

Aah so predictable. Trying to impress people eh? To impress one need some substance which you don’t have. Get a life.

The second will be based on management studies specifically Finance.

Gawd save this country. A person who has no financial sense whatsoever and is pretty neck deep down in loans from friends by the end of first week will preach finance. One should always implement SOPA to ban these kind of people from social media and internet.

Whatever you people say, I have decided I am gonna do it. Framework is under construction. You all will be updated soon.

Happy Reading.

PG LIBA Converts Thread


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CATing the bell

If you ask me, ‘How bad is life’, I will retort, ‘As bad as it can get’, and I am being completely honest and not exaggerating.

I hate my job. I am single. I am developing love handles (as if I care anymore). I have lost my confidence. I hate the new Docomo ads. I love the brand but hate Ranbir Kapoor. I am smoking and drinking more than usual. I am out of money. But this day, this very day has been icing on the cake.

Those close to me know how badly I want to quit my job, and today I got a perfect opportunity to do that. I was doing some coding when my cellphone informed me ‘you have a new message’. The message declared that I got a call from KJ Somaiya for their PGDM(FS) programme. The message was in a typical SMS-lingo, so I double checked it by calling them. After a lot of deep and shallow thoughts and likely deep and shallow advices, I decided not to go for the personal interview.

First let me tell you why my decision can be wrong.

  1. KJ Somaiya is one of the top Indian B-Schools.
  2. The programme is starting this year, so this is their first batch, which means getting in will be comparatively easier.
  3. FS means Financial Services, the same domain I am working in right now.
  4. Even if I don’t make it at least the experience will enrich me.

Now comes the darker side.

  1. I have to spend at least 15 K to make it to the interview which is scheduled 2 days from now.
  2. Even if I get through, The classes are starting from august, which means I will have max 1-2 weeks to give my resignation and arrange for my loan (which is rather impossible).
  3. I am under a bond of 2 years with my company which is going to end coming February, which means if I quit before that I have to gift 50 K to my beloved company.
  4. If I don’t make it 15 K goes to waste.
  5. Taking a leave from office will give me a huge workload later, not to speak about the raised eyebrows and shitty ratings.

So after a thorough SWOT analysis (which consists of counting the good points-4 and the bad points-5, over and over again), I decided it is not worth taking chance.

So I was preparing myself mentally to give CAT a shot this year again by preparing hard when I came across a post on FB from PG. Yeah, I am back on FB, the addict I am I hated the + thingy. The post was about the change in format of CAT 2011. The format change came to me as a shock and all my hopes of converting this year by mere luck have been shattered. The changed format means higher cut-offs and need of greater accuracy. Now you all know how pathetically I am performing in the mock-CATs, so the consequences are inevitable. With all this in my mind I returned home after a long day’s work, pretty determined to study and look what me is doing. Writing blog, whining and complaining about life. Typical me.

P.S.Yeah that’s me getting kicked on the butt. At least there are no work-related issues in this post. Sigh…


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Wake UP


Wake up. Wake up.

Wake up and smell the ashes.

-Lines stolen from one of my favourite PC games Half-Life 2 and very apt according to my current situation. I have been sleeping for ages (at least it seems so). No enthusiasm in work, studies and relationships. Only as-if-I-care attitude. Suffering from lack of concentration and cannot even concentrate that I am lacking it. Lacking what?

The post break up period is bad and I am on rebound. Lately I have been thinking why we had a break up when we had an exemplary chemistry between us. Although the reason is simple I am still going to elaborate it a bit. Takes up my blogging space and it feels good. We have been in a long distance relationship for the last two years or so. I like to think that we are mature enough and share a strong bond but two years were too much for our maturity. Momentary glimpse were not enough for us when we were together 24×7 two years ago. Misunderstanding and miscommunications were unavoidable (and we claimed that we can understand each other well). At last, after a typical fight WE broke up.

Now this ‘post break up period’ has made me go into a cocoon. Life is bland. Abusing my ex on my blog has not really helped. Everything is a mess. Every morning I hate going to office. I am under-performing and over-drinking. Missing my CAT classes (and stopped going to my French classes) and exams regularly but the worst part is I seem happy. I am not at all worried about my future and have gone in an auto-pilot mode. I have completely stopped doing crazy and creative stuff (except blogging which is way far from my creative side). This virtual sleep has lot of side effect on my health, mind and soul but I am still sleeping. I have even stopped using hyperlink on posts.

I read somewhere : Women cannot concentrate on work if they are going through a hard time in relationship. Men cannot concentrate on relationship if they are going through a tough time at work.

I hope this is true then I will have my job, which sucks by the way, to blame for the inevitable. Now since my work is getting worse day-by-day there is no chance of me getting into a new relationship. Aaaah, that really sucks. Wish me luck so that when I wake up after this deep slumber I wake up as a different better man. And a happier one.


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Noisy times and quiet times

I am very happy today. One of my best friends today asked me to write a book. I do know that I don’t have that much of a literary flair to turn my blabbering into something readable but it is really flattering. Come on now, I have a miniscule number of readers and none of them are regular and loyal. I do accept I have tried to increase the readership by my futile attempt to increase the TRP of the blog by posting randomly in my FB profile, but readers are rare and comments are becoming extinct now a day, but I am happy.

Pubs and Discos are noisy. ‘Noisy’ is derogatory, I should rather say they are lively. Filled with people. People of all kinds. Tall and short, and medium sized. Happy and sad, and neutral. Eye catchers and repellents, and so-so. Introvert and extrovert, and balanced. Dancers and I-think-I-am-great-on-the-dance-floor, and standing-in-the-corners. Known faces and strangers, and I-have-seen you-somewhere. Hunters and slunters, and loners. Fat and lean, and well-built. Old and young, and middle-aged. No one knows anyone but still connected with a single thin thread of being in the same place and trying to forget everyday worries. Tension drains away from the body when it resonates with the rhythm of loud music.

After desperately trying to wear down the worries and the body everybody looks for a silent corner to rest and contemplate in the back of the head, may be with a burning cigarette and a weird look on the face and half-closed (and half-open) eyes. At that time the body and the mind recharges itself for some more action on the dance floor, but the quiet time spent with silence and solitude rejuvenates. Life has much similarity with the few hours spent in a disco. We work, run and fight like dogs and bitches, and at the end of the day we pant like them with more than half of our tongue falling out. We still wake up every morning with same energy and same wagging tail. Ready to take down the whole world and at the end of the day we realise the futility of the chase but are adamant to admit it. Now to keep up with these noisy times we need to have some quiet times in our life, to think and rethink, to survive. Balance is very essential. Harmony is absolutely necessary. Sometimes it is good to have some time left for self. It helps a person to know herself or himself better and develop a different perspective of life. Spending time with oneself can mean a range of things. For me it is blogging, may be for others it is going to discs. It depends on you where you can find you, real you. Recharge your battery and you are ready to run the extra mile.

I am sitting with a burning cigarette pressed between my dry, chapped and half-baked lips with a weird look on my face, proofreading my post.


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Nothing New

Nothing new happening in my life. Or I think I am asking for new and exciting all the time. A bit demanding, isn’t it? Okhay, a lot demanding I guess.

I am pissed of with my lead. I know that my blog is not the place to whine and vomit my frustrations, but the kind of person he is I need to mention him once in my blog. Believe me he is worthy enough.

So, where was I?

Yeah, my lead. He can piss you off within seconds (now that needs talent). I reached office today a bit early, around 8:30 in the morning. At 9:00 he came and ruined my whole day(see, I told you that he is talented). He read one of my mails that I sent him last day where I intimated him about the completion of my assigned work. He looked at the job done (by the way the work was done way before time, and way better than the intended accuracy), and started saying that I am not good for the job and there are a lot of mistakes in it.

Now if somebody gives me an hour to complete one day’s job and I am unable to do, it is expected. If he rebukes me for my aforementioned incapability, it is accepted. Now if a one day job is completed by me in 15 mins with no mistakes at all and I get to hear that my job lacks accuracy, this, this my friend is neither expected nor accepted. And when I confronted him with my certificate of accuracy and effectiveness the foolish guy started to show me other’s mistake and started blaming me. Now this activity of his is sure worth mentioning in my blog. When I asked him to send me the error list so that I can tally it with my data, he completely ignores it by saying mistake done cannot be covered. Mistakes my arse. I simply don’t understand what kind of pleasure the man draws by demotivating his team members and expecting them to give 101%. One thing I realised that there is a dearth of good managers in this sector. Otherwise a resource like me under an effective management can work wonders. Whatever efficiency my company is getting from me is just a part of my potential.


Whatever, this great man with greater sense of ego, bluffing god and example of sheer jealousy and incompetence is my apparaiser for the next season. Fingers crossed, so that I can expect a drop of intelligence and self pity in his peanut shaped brain and ego filled heart, respectively. By the way, this and numerous other incidents and his behavior has made him a laughing stock among his colleagues as well. But I am still frustrated and pissed off.



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A running commentary

There is a philosophical saying that ‘look around and you will find this world an interesting place to live in’. So I thought let me write something boring about me and this interesting world (what a combo!!!).

First thing first. Osama is dead (and Obama is ecstatic). Votes are on, in my state. Corruption is on, everywhere. Metallica is coming to India. Few of my officemates are going onsite. My sister is going to Bangalore. I am not going anywhere. I just returned from Gurudongmar. Heaven. There are two superhot girls in my office and they pay zero attention to me for obvious reasons. I am struggling with development and performing pathetically. My CAT prep season 3 has started. I am bunking my French classes (and making resolution every day to be present in the next class). I have stopped going to gym and my washboard abs now look like 2months old. I am eating a lot of spicy food. In a deep debt now. I completed Call of Duty-Black Ops this morning. Got my first salary as a freelancer (and all I did was some text editing). I am currently having some problems with my girlfriend (single/committed/married girls, are you listening?). I am thinking of buying a wayfarer and a cheeky cellphone, couple of months now and plan to think more before buying them. I am listening to Barron’s wordlist and French conversation on my mp3 player. If you are still not bored, I give up because I am bored of typing.

But before bidding adieu let me make an official announcement apart from the fact that this is the penultimate paragraph of the post. I am going to publish an assorted list of ‘100 things about me’. It’s all about marketing and increasing TRP.

Au revoir.


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