Visual Effects

The title of the post is a bit random and inappropriate. It should be ‘Visual Love’ rather than ‘Visual Effects’, but I will stick to it is catchy. Or rather ‘Effects of Visual Love’. Visual Love is part of human life. We all are victims of it (and sometimes the object of love too). We fall in love and fantasize every visible object around us. Compared to the so-called ‘real-love’, this kind of love has time constraints. Visual Love can vary in timespan from few seconds to days to few hours to max-a-month. But that is it. Not more than that. May be that’s the beauty of it. Momentary pleasure and eternal lingering. Gawking and increase in heartbeat may seem mutually exclusive but the combination is deadly. Just imagine that particular moment when you see a person in local train, bus, lift, lobby, tv and you fall in love. Instantly. And the person is gone by the end of the day or at the end of an overnight slumber. Funny but true story. But some visual loves do take a long time to forget and touches lives.


Abhi knows he is a victim. Victim of random planetary movements. She did not come to the coaching. He has been waiting for over an hour. Her class ends at 6:00 pm, he knows that for sure. He never misses a chance to have a glimpse of her. This can be his last chance. He hates the fact that his dad is getting transferred to Bombay. He will have to appear for Boards from there only. Again change of schools and new friends. His dad has promised him ‘no transfers’ after his boards. But he does not want to leave patna. He first saw her one month back when he was coming out of R.K.Singh Coaching classes and she was entering Acme Sureshot Coaching, just across the road. Since then he has been on time. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5 to 6 in the evening he will wait just to have a glimpse of her. He did not want her look at her. He was too scared. She never looked. He does not know her name. He knows very well the he is a non-existent person in her life but thanked God that at least their coaching classes’ routine coincides. But today is his last day in Patna. They are leaving tomorrow morning. So to have a last glimpse he drove his cycle and waited. Waited for more than an hour. It is 6:30 now. She has not come. Her friends, talked, giggled and left. He has to go home now or his dad will be very angry and his mother will be very anxious. He loved his mom and was scared of his dad. He left or he will miss tomorrow morning’s train.


That feeling of missing a train is coming back to Dia. She hated that. She has always been a dizzy headed, rom com lover girl. She loved it when a single random guy pays attention to her. She feels like a princess. Back in college there was a dearth of decent guys and she had even started believing that decent guys don’t exist. But after joining this MNC everything changed. World is different now and it is filled with random cute, lovable and decent creatures known as men. Or were all them same, seeming decent in branded outfits? She wondered. Lunch time is the best time in her tiring day full of work. At that time she can spot him. He ate from 1:30 to 2:00 pm, sat at the same place, and had fun with his colleagues.  She always entered the canteen at 2:00 so that she can have a glimpse of him. Just a glimpse. No more no less. She does not want to be a stalker. Or is she? She wondered. Her mother has been pushing her for marriage from the very moment she got the job. She knows that in her hometown, patna,  girls are considered burden and she hated that. She wants a decent guy who knows how to respect women, and she thought Bengalis are decent. She loved the city Kolkata and its spirit and its men. But that one particular man has caught her eye. She thought, he has the cutest bum and sexiest jawline in the office. But she never got a chance to talk to him. How can she, being a girl. She did not know his name and moreover he has never, ever looked at him, not even for a millisecond.

That feeling of missing a train is coming back. She fears that she will again start asking the question ‘what if’. The question has bothered her from her teens. She still misses the guy who evidently stalked her for a month. She was so scared initially that she thought of going to the police or her impending boards would have been ruined. Later she realised that the guy has no guts to go up to her and talk. She waited, and waited until one day he disappeared.

She will not let this happen this time. She decided that she will get his employee id and will mail the canteen guy. Her colleagues told her that it’s pretty lame to send an e-mail, rather she should ping him. And she did.



I am dia.

-I am Kush.

5th floor. Your building.

-I know dia. You have been stalking me for the last one month in the canteen.

What an asshole!!! Decent? My foot.


‘Passengers of Kingfisher 3571, from Bombay to Patna, are requested to head to gate no 4 for check-in.’- the loudspeaker announced in a robotic droning voice with a faint touch of femininity. Abhi is going to Patna after 10 years to attend one of his friend’s wedding. He stood up and started picking up his luggage. As he was waiting for his turn in the queue, he spotted a couple in the queue expressing their love openly. He hated queues and couples cuddling in public. He waited impatiently for his turn. He hated the couple, may be because he is still single and going to attend a marriage.

The wedding was lavish. The groom, his long-time friend was a writer and the bride was an investment banker. They met on facebook and fell in love. ‘What a tragedy’, Abhi thought. He is still single and looking for love. May be he should get one of those profiles on facebook thingy. His taste was too old fashioned. He tried to mingle with his old friends from Patna with a glass of Smirnoff Vodka and lime soda in his hand.

‘Hey dude, remember that chick’.

The words were addressed to him by a fat guy whose name he forgot, the third time in the evening. He was least interested in looking at a random chick at his friend’s wedding and seem desperate.

‘That’s Dia and her husband Kush. They live in bambai now. Remember you stalked her for like a month. Dude you were pathetic back then.’

Those words caught his interest. He looked at them and realised that they were the same couple from airport queue.

‘I am pathetic even now’, he thought and hated the couple more. And then he smiled.


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