No, this is not an obituary post to declare that the writer in me has luckily died. I am sorry. I am really really sorry. Suffice to say that my so called half-hearted and enthu-lacking sorry is not soothing enough to calm down your fury. I know I have been absconding and the reasons are not genuine enough to be mentioned in my precious (supposedly) blog. I just didn’t feel like writing (or was I too busy partying?). So let’s start all over again.


E’vthin rocking that side?

I know you all are eager to know this side of the story, so without beating around the bushes (and no more pregnant pauses) I will right away start my blabbering.

Life is good over here (except it being super boring).

And ‘Life is good’, does not mean that I am ‘not’ single. I am still desperate and frustrated (now stop laughing or I will punch you so hard that even ‘Google’ will not be able to find you – clichéd).

So, first things first.

My CAT is next week and I have stopped caring and preparing (I know it is not new to you).

I am watching a lot of movies (and some of them are worth mentioning in this post).

I have no work at office (and sush…don’t tell that to anybody…or my platinum days at office are over).

I collected F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from goobs, have been watching them and already completed two seasons. I should say ‘How I met your mother’ is wayyy better. Friends is too mild for my taste.

Ra.1 got released and have not planned yet to watch the movie. I love the song Chammak Challo…Wanna be my chammak challo…Ooh ooh ooh…now stop humming.

F1 may be cancelled. Vijay – the dude is furious about it.

And some usual stuff and minimal OMG stuff.

Back to movies and lemme start with the movie that I watched today.

You all know I am not that ‘into’ hindi flicks, but my friend suggested me to watch Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge. She said she loved it (yes losers, she is a ‘she’, how is that? On the face you suckers) and I should at least give it a try. So I downloaded the movie last night and watched it this morning (and so comes the post). Well, there are reasons (apart from my eternal financial crisis), why I decided to watch the movie on my laptop instead of the swanky multiplex. I actually have no one to watch the movie with. I can’t watch them with my roomies. It seems a bit gay and moreover one of them is a psycho and other one is in love. So I was only left with option of spending a weekend morning with fags, tea and my sexy lappy. I started watching the movie, frankly speaking, with an air of negativity and midway thought giving up the whole idea of completing the movie as it seemed too college-ish. But as the movie progressed, lucky flick, caught my attention. I ended up watching the whole movie and a small smile on my face. The movie is one-time-watch, popcorn-story and nicely executed. On top of that it does not bore you. I was so influenced that I actually sent a friend request to a girl on FB whom I have seen a lot of times in my office (I know that sounds tacky and despo, but can’t help, sorry). Fingers crossed praying that she accepts (pathetic, isn’t it? Who cares!!).

I also watched two bengali movies. No, they were not dev-jeet types with paglu-coke in it.

The first one was ‘Icche’. Superb movie. Mind blowing. No words to explain. Acting and story is good. Kudos to the director. It is a typical story of a confused Bengali boy searching for his own identity and his over-protective mother. Sohini Sengupta was out of the league. You will go through a varied range of emotions while watching the movie. I am not literate enough to comment more on the movie of such calibre.

The second movie was ‘Gandu-the Loser by Q’. I watched his movie ‘Love in India – by Q’ and actually loved it. But Q has disappointed me this time. The movie seemed like a veil to bring porn stuff in mainstream cinema. I am not against erotic scenes in movies, but the movie seemed too desperate and mindless. It lacks story or direction. The acting is good. The music is too good. Hats off to FLI.  In the end I enjoyed the movie, may be beacause it is not released in India or it has dialogues with enough explicit language or may be because it has Rii.

That’s all from this side. Eager to know that side of story (if you ever read this post…huh).

P.S. My blog has crossed more than 3k hits (half of them are mine…lol) and I am about to complete ‘The white tiger’ (it is ossum), itching (no specific spot) to start ‘Immortals of Meluha’.


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