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Just read this on a friend’s wall on facebook:

Sorry works when mistake is made, it doesn’t work when trust is broken.

I have been out of idiot box for quite a while. I have not seen tv for may be last six months. I will not say ‘I hate it’ rather I adore it. I can get glued to random moving things on the big LCD screen (and yes, we guys have LCD at our rented flat). It is just that I did not find time for sone serious tv watching. But last day a superb video (yes, you guessed it right, it was posted on facebook) made me realise that I am missing a lot. I was watching a performance by a group called ‘Bad Salsa’ on India’s got talent and woohoo they can dance. Trust me. These kids are from Kolkata (yeaa, my city) and they perform some nerve and bone cracking moves which make us go, ‘Gosh, is that real?’ And believe me they can beat any dancer of ‘Just Dance’, any day.

By the way, I loved airtel’s ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’ campaign and also the new Docomo ads. Conceptually innovative and beautifully executed. Although the ‘everywhere with you’ concept has been previously, well successfully iterated by another mobile service provider, but this is catchy too. Writing this blog watchin CL T20 on tv (yes I am watching crcket). Actually I am watching the cheerleaders while the cameramen are busy shooting each and every potential cheerleader in the crowd. I hope the ‘non-cricketing’ concept of cheerleading catches Indian market fast so that the parents of ‘would-be’ bride can boast in their daughter’s matrimonial profile that ‘she was a cheerleader back in her early 20’s. And it will help the prospective groom’s side to avoid the junk.

I would like to keep it short and simple this time.

Signin off…


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  1. Same here….I haven’t watched t.v in ages….am missing it

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