The Bed Tea

‘I want to have a baby with her’, he thought, ‘a real one’.

He looked pathetic. In his low-rise denim and a dirty tee he looked like a street urchin. It has been a long night for him and it is 3:30 a.m. now. His sandals are worn out, more than him, due to over usage for the last two years. He still remembers the day when she gifted him the sandals. They were costly, but she insisted.

He told, ‘I will never wear that, I am going to preserve them’.

She pleaded, ‘Promise me that you will wear them and wear them down, to remind me that you own them and you own me.’

And there they are, still hanging on to his hairy soiled feet with uncut nails, soil accumulated deep down inside it. But he loved his sandals because it reminds him how much she loved him back then.

He thought they have lost their spark. They were the best couples during high school and even after that. She used to define commitment and he used to benchmark friendship. People were jealous but in a good way.

People wondered, ‘How can you people be together all the time and still look so fresh and happy’ to which he used to reply proudly, ‘can’t help it, she is the best and we are loouuve’, and squeezed her in his arms. She loved it.

And they were. They were inseparable. He never thought that a girl like her can fall for him. She was a perfect ten, way too perfect. Manicured from head to toe, and he was just another guy next door. It was she who made him believe that he is also a perfect ten. He was charming and witty and shy. She gave him confidence and support and never wanted anything back, except honest love and warmth. His being around her was enough for her. She was the one who brought real happiness in his life and slowly she became his habit.

He now wonders what happened back then. What happened to the promises they made to each other? What happened to the exemplary chemistry, the bond they shared together?

‘What happened to us?’ he thought this one loud.

The lady standing at the back of the counter gave him a cold stare with a gesture to keep his voice low, and continued reading the book, ‘What to expect when you are expecting’.

The memory of their first fight was still fresh in his memories. He does not remember why they fought, but he remembers vividly the bad words he said and the tear drops that rolled down her pink cheeks. He did not feel bad, but he is feeling bad now. He is amazed how he resisted himself from hugging her that time. He wish he could run now to her and say sorry and hug her, a tight hug. But circumstances are against it.

But that was not the last fight they had. They fought again later. And again. He repents that, but is unable to show that to her. He has always been reserved lad. They fought over petty issues which seem even more pettier now. He feels sorry for the bad moments he had with her, although she says that it makes their relationship sweeter.

He thought the only solution to stop things going worse is to be together. They decided to get married. They were too young to be married. He was 23 and she was 24. He knew he was not ready to take such huge responsibility but her support encouraged him.

She said, ‘We can pull it through.’ And that was enough for him.

It was her determination that inspired him to be with the angel forever. Now he repents his decision. He realises that being together is not a solution. Although they don’t fight now but they don’t love either, at least like the way they used to. Their life is bland and apathetic. The lustre is lost and it has only been a year into the marriage. He still misses his old Ishita, or Ishh, as he used to call her.

And now he wants to have a baby. He had no reasons for it but he was sure he wanted to taste fatherhood. He thought it is weird to think of a baby at such an early age of life, but it is what his heart told him. He wanted to have a baby with her. He is only 24 and wanted to conquer the world but deep down he was yearning to love her again.

‘Sir, you can come in’, the silence and his thinking marathon was halted by a voice that came through, right across the passage. He walked towards the door, with small and measured steps and crossed fingers, towards the green curtain, which he hated as soon as he entered the building.

As soon as he entered the odd smelling room, the doctor declared, ‘Congratulations, it’s a baby girl.’ He didn’t know how to react. He was not smiling. He just had a blank face. He looked at his wife. She was glowing and looked tired due to the pain she just went through.

‘Look at her’, she said, ’she looks just like her dad.’ He was scared to look at the tiny little creature, but he had to. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened it again to look beside her wife. There she was, size of a 1 litre water bottle, closed eyes, calm in her face, clasped hands and a faint smile. The faint smile brought smile on his face and tears in his eyes.  He found, rather discovered his long-lost love again and there she is. There is Ishh junior.

‘She is my love’, he said, ‘our love.’

‘Bed tea for the sweetest hubby in the world’, he woke up suddenly and realised that it was just a dream. He had no idea what the time was. The sun was already out. He saw his wife, looking more beautiful than before with two cups in her two soft hands. He took both the cups, kept them on the bedside table. Then he made his wife sit beside him and hugged her tightly, the first time in the two months of their marriage.

‘Hey what happened?’, she asked, ‘did you have a nightmare?’

He looked into her eyes and said, ‘No I had the world’s bestest dream. I love you.’

‘Ish, let’s make a baby. A real one.’

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4 responses to “The Bed Tea

  1. tuhina

    Awesome storyline…loved the ending!!!

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