Spoiler Alert: This is a hate post

Illusion. In this world nobody deserves anybody. Nobody is perfect for the other person. If you think I deserve her or she deserves me, you are in a mere illusion my friend. Wake up! Grow up!!

Few days back I came across an article which claims that a research has proved that women regret more than men on a failed relationship. I don’t know about any research and I don’t care about any. I don’t need to be a PhD in rocket science to comment about relationships (it is tougher than rocket science though) or truths. Experience speaks. The research says that men don’t dwell upon their past so much. I don’t agree. Men are hunters and have been from time immemorial. They dwell more. It is true that they try desperately to move on but for a guy like me it seems impossible. Not only for me, it is tough for all the guys around me. So I considered it as a general rule.

Whereas girls are too fast. I blame the bad men to women ratio in India for all these. They can punch you in the face and ask – did it hurt? And we morons say –Of course not, with a big grin on our face, with one eyebrow raised to emphasise the masculinity.

And guys if you have really stepped into their soft ground, beware, as they can be brutal. If they decide to be cruel even God cannot save you. They can inflict pain to such an extent that even Satan can cry (even if he is a male), and you will be unable to walk throughout your life with a straight spine.

If you see heaven in her face, you are in grave danger because it will haunt you throughout your life.

If you think that she is the one, I bet she is – Run now.

Guys in relationship – Don’t take it personally. Be nice to her always. (Or be ready to face the consequences).

Girls in relationship – I know you all hate me. It is just that your guy has not done anything near to being a moron. If he does you will see yourself how apathetic you can be.

Single guys – Be ready.

Single girls – You are welcome.



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4 responses to “Spoiler Alert: This is a hate post

  1. AS


    hhehe! this was very interesting and well written!

    i agree, girls move fast and boys take more time to come out of the ‘trauma’ 😛

  2. Sorry to wrong u but I m still mourning my break up and it feels pathetic…Its been 3 months now 😦

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