he and SHE

He said, ‘I hate you.’

She said, ‘I still love you.’

He said, ‘You do? I don’t believe you.’

She retorted, ‘I don’t need to make you believe that, I love you in my own way.’

He said, ‘How can I be sure?’

She said, ‘Do you need surety to love me? I don’t have to prove that to you. I know I will always be yours even if you are not mine.’

He said, ‘You were not there when I needed you the most. I was not able to talk to you when I wanted share everything of my life. You were distant.’

She said, ‘You were always with me. Whether I was able to talk to you or not, I always felt you. Beside me. Around me.’

He said, ‘I needed you to complete me. I am incomplete without you. I needed you to be part of my driving force. Where were you?’

She said, ‘May be I was being selfish or I had a wrong notion that loving someone is being with. I don’t even start without you. For me driving force is you. I was here.’

He said, ‘Don’t be a hypocrite. Just say that you don’t love me anymore. Say that you don’t think about me all the time. Say that I am not the one. Say that my exclusivity has been taken by somebody else. For God’s sake just say it.’

She said, ‘I never lie to you. But if that is what you really want to hear I can say it. I can do anything you want that makes you happy.’

He said, ‘I knew you will say it. You always had that in mind. You have lost my trust. You were dying to run away from me.’

Then he ran away. Far, far away from her. Far away from himself. He ran to get a life for himself leaving his life far behind. She stood there. She watched him running away from her as the distance grew further. She did not stop him from doing what he wanted. She did not cry. The rain poured. She is still standing there, trembling and having her fingers crossed, asking, ‘Were you there when I needed YOU the most?’



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8 responses to “he and SHE

  1. im blown away !!
    Just blown away to peices ……. love your work \,,/

    bro just speechless ……. it was worth the wait !!

  2. Anonymous

    cant help a tear drop..

  3. tuhina

    Fabulous,awesome,mind blowing………well done……loved it thoroughly!!

  4. Its amazing….Such complex feelings displayed in such simplicity 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

  5. Dhanyawaad. Will do. Keep in touch. 🙂

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