Lazy Thoughts

I am lazy. I knew it before my friends told me that. They frustratingly asked me to write a blog. Now since I am in no mood to write it, the literary quality of the post has been deliberately compromised. Please bear with it or get the hell outta here. I told that I am in dearth of topics. I am just an amateur and out of topics is completely a natural state. But morons are morons. This is what happens when you force somebody to do something.

Okay I thought and thought and thought (lately I have been doing a lot of thinking) but still could not find out what should I write about (natural result of excessive thinking when you are not used to it). Well I am not exactly out of topics. You know me. I can blabber about anything under the sun. I can write about the week I spent in the office and that will be too much of whining and exaggeration. I can also write about the birthday treat thrown by my good friends and how we all enjoyed. I can write about how I spent my Friday night (worked till 9 and after that drank like a fish) but that will be too conventional to deal with the hangover. I can complain about myself and how I missed my CAT class again. I can tell you my plans of spending my Independence Day but that will be too boring (it is not that I am not patriotic, it is because you all are not patient enough to read).

Well I can write about a big event that happened yesterday but I want to keep it a secret. I know I can’t keep it but I am a bit superstitious. I control myself from getting over excited and try not telling everybody about it, and I fail pathetically in it. But this time I am determined to keep it a secret. Post on the secret later. Now I am just lying in my bed with no care for present or past. Got drenched in the heavy rain for an hour and returned home soaked. No food in home. No plans for weekends. I am hungry now. Going to sleep (too lazy to go out and grab my lunch).

Au revoir.



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