SHE…the first sigh…

She always loved freedom. Although being brought up in a typical middle class and very conservative Gujrati family her desire to open the wings and fly high was deep-rooted. Breaking rules was her favourite hobby. If somebody restricted or warned her from doing anything she has to do it and that ‘somebody’ will be unaware throughout his/her life. That was her revenge from the society. Falling in love was a sure no-no in the society from where she belonged. But still she took the risk. Nobody warned/restricted her but it was the silent and unspoken rule she had to break. Falling in love with him was an option, an alternative, a chance for her to break free, never anticipating the fact that love has boundaries too. She hated boundaries. It curbs her free spirit and that is exactly why she chose him. He was Muslim, energetic, free-spirited, and unconventional and he loved her. What more can she ask? She was free to do anything and he has been a faithful companion in all her adventurous trips full of whim.

She wanted to kiss him. He wanted to kiss her. Both of them wanted to kiss each other. When they were in a desolate place they both knew that something would happen. Something that has never happened before. Never to them. Both of them were itching to do it but they were too shy to express that they wanted a liplock. May be they were not shy. They wanted this to happen that way. They wanted it all of a sudden. Nobody knew who will make the first move but both of them were ready to support if someone ever did. The tranquility surrounding them with faint chirping of birds were setting the right mood. He was sitting with his legs bent from knees. She kept her head on his lap gazing at him. They were talkative and they were talking incessantly. They were into the relationship and it was still fresh. So they were never out of words. But in that place, where there was no soul except them, they paused. There was no reason behind the pause. They paused and looked into the eyes of each other. He still had his fingers entangled in her silky hair. And then it started. All of a sudden they knew this is the right time. It was hard to tell who initiated. Her head was displaced upwards from his lap. His head is bent down. Both of them have moved equally towards each other. His hands were supporting her head although it was not necessary.

She could not hear anything. The faint chirping of birds and the sound of tranquility has been replaced by a numb sound now. She closed her eyes and her ears started getting warmer to hotter. She pressed herself towards him, and tried to fight her tongue with his. She thought this is how people kiss or should kiss. She swooned as he brought her closer. Her ears are getting hotter and the numb sound started traveling from her ears towards her lips. A few moments later they realized that they were kissing for the first time. This realization brought current in their bodies.

They were very lively creatures, always full of energy. So as soon as the kiss seemed monotonic, they thought we are missing passion over here. Now the numb sound was replaced by some moist sound and heavy breathing. The fight between lips and tongue still continued. After a few more moments of panting and kissing when the distance between their bodies has been minimized and her ears have reached their maximum temperature they stopped. In the end although it seemed as the same old stuff but they were more determined to try it the next time also. Both of them decided to initiate the next time (but none of them did).

After the kiss the heavy breathing has not stopped. She felt that the numb sound is back in her ears and the lips were senseless. She saw he had tears in his eyes, may be because of sheer ecstasy and overflow of emotions. She did not say anything. She was unable to. She was trying to gather herself and realise what just happened. Few moments back, she felt, the world around her was shrinking. She was able to smell the saliva of a person, another person, a real one. She took longer time to gain her senses and relax, than the kiss. But as soon as she did, a faint smile appeared on the lips who were fighting few moments back. She did not know why she was smiling, happiness or pride or joy or satisfaction, anything can describe it, but nothing can accurately.

After the panting stopped, she breathed a sigh of relief. Sigh…



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5 responses to “SHE…the first sigh…

  1. Diwakar

    this is the first one i read……..and it was really interesting… first i thought it was regarding u & her…….and i may be right too..i guess…
    Anyway it was really interesting..hope to see more….:)

  2. I like the way this was told by, and beautiful language using 😉

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