epiphany 1.02

What is the difference between ‘trying-to-be-happy’ and being really happy?

Being happy is a state while ‘trying-to-be-happy’ is an action. The state when you don’t explicitly think about the state you are in. It is when you are at peace with yourself. It’s the harmony of your mind and soul. With all the restlessness on the surface it is calm inside.

‘Trying-to-be-happy’ is when you are too busy trying and you forget about ‘happyness’. It is when you look happy and are restless inside. The difference is simple. The first one is hardly noticeable to you (forget about others), while the second one bothers you and captures a good part of your sound mind.

Last Friday was a south Indian day for me. I am a biggg foodie. I love to eat different dishes, and try new ones at new places. So I started by day with dosa in my breakfast from a roadside vendor. That’s the beauty of Indian roads. Even an unhygienic looking food stall can easily give the biggies a run for money (of course if you are bold enough to give them a try and are ready to stand under the scorching sun to enjoy the delicacy). Then in lunch I had South-Indian-Combo. What was in it? There was sambhar, chutney, upma and my all-time fav-Uttapam. The tangy taste of Uttapam makes me go crazy. And then for evening snacks I had chilly-Idly. Now the name seems cocky but it was good. I loved my day romancing with the South Indian dishes and they also seem to love me.

Last day I did some shopping. Bought a pair of jeans and a tee from Pepe and a supercool shoe from Woodland. My puja shopping is done. Now time to save, because CAT fever is going to start soon and as my friend says it’s a ‘money-sink’. Lots of exam forms and lots of college applications on the way.

P.S. Whenever I look at a girl who is pretty, sexy, humorous, sassy..(add more adjectives and fantasize)…I say-Yeah, she is good but she is not ‘HER’ 🙂


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