CATing the bell

If you ask me, ‘How bad is life’, I will retort, ‘As bad as it can get’, and I am being completely honest and not exaggerating.

I hate my job. I am single. I am developing love handles (as if I care anymore). I have lost my confidence. I hate the new Docomo ads. I love the brand but hate Ranbir Kapoor. I am smoking and drinking more than usual. I am out of money. But this day, this very day has been icing on the cake.

Those close to me know how badly I want to quit my job, and today I got a perfect opportunity to do that. I was doing some coding when my cellphone informed me ‘you have a new message’. The message declared that I got a call from KJ Somaiya for their PGDM(FS) programme. The message was in a typical SMS-lingo, so I double checked it by calling them. After a lot of deep and shallow thoughts and likely deep and shallow advices, I decided not to go for the personal interview.

First let me tell you why my decision can be wrong.

  1. KJ Somaiya is one of the top Indian B-Schools.
  2. The programme is starting this year, so this is their first batch, which means getting in will be comparatively easier.
  3. FS means Financial Services, the same domain I am working in right now.
  4. Even if I don’t make it at least the experience will enrich me.

Now comes the darker side.

  1. I have to spend at least 15 K to make it to the interview which is scheduled 2 days from now.
  2. Even if I get through, The classes are starting from august, which means I will have max 1-2 weeks to give my resignation and arrange for my loan (which is rather impossible).
  3. I am under a bond of 2 years with my company which is going to end coming February, which means if I quit before that I have to gift 50 K to my beloved company.
  4. If I don’t make it 15 K goes to waste.
  5. Taking a leave from office will give me a huge workload later, not to speak about the raised eyebrows and shitty ratings.

So after a thorough SWOT analysis (which consists of counting the good points-4 and the bad points-5, over and over again), I decided it is not worth taking chance.

So I was preparing myself mentally to give CAT a shot this year again by preparing hard when I came across a post on FB from PG. Yeah, I am back on FB, the addict I am I hated the + thingy. The post was about the change in format of CAT 2011. The format change came to me as a shock and all my hopes of converting this year by mere luck have been shattered. The changed format means higher cut-offs and need of greater accuracy. Now you all know how pathetically I am performing in the mock-CATs, so the consequences are inevitable. With all this in my mind I returned home after a long day’s work, pretty determined to study and look what me is doing. Writing blog, whining and complaining about life. Typical me.

P.S.Yeah that’s me getting kicked on the butt. At least there are no work-related issues in this post. Sigh…



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4 responses to “CATing the bell

  1. All in good times bro …..loved reading it
    keep’em coming …..kinda gettin addicted to it 😛

  2. just chill with chilled beer…everything gonna be alright…

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