Bicycle thief

I am very conventional. Just realised. I like to play by rules and get really upset if it does not go by my plans. Although I am a Piscean (which should attribute ‘unconventional’ as my trait) I do like old stuffs.

I am still in love with Nokia and keypads where the world has moved on to Androids and touch-screens. I know what you will say – a little touch does no harm, but I can’t help it, I am touchy. I still use coconut oil on my hair and brush my teeth with Colgate regularly, both. I like to wake up early in the morning to feel the sunrise (although the change in my routine has not allowed me to do that lately). I like reading books in paper than pad. I like to do it in Indian style more than in western style or I like the missionary more (I hope you got the picture). I still think that charm and wit woos women, or I don’t know, does it? Let us keep the controversy part apart. I still use Windows and surf on Firefox. I have been using them for the last 5 years or so. I think fans are better than air conditioners, sleeper class with open windows are far better than secluded coupe and I prefer normal water than chilled, purified, sparkling…one. I think running and martial arts are far better than gym. I get upset when somebody does not share his/her share of pizza with me and feel bad when somebody asks me to share mine. What I am saying is I like being conventional.

Few weeks back my whim convinced me that I should get a bike. Well now that the plan is on hold, I miss my bicycle. Bicycle, to me, seems more manly. I have many good and some bad memories connected to my two, no wait, three bicycles. Got new one after the previous was stolen. When I used to ride them I felt like a king. It felt like a part of me. Speed was controlled by frantic, sometimes subtle, manoeuvre of paddles with my legs. And the brakes…woooooh God I loved my brakes. They were the ultimate life saver in some extremely narrow situations. The skidding tyres and flying dust was the ultimate cool thing back then. Winning a cycle race in my locality was the only medal of superiority. I fell down sometimes off my bicucle when I was being too harsh to her, but it also came to me with a prize. The peeling off of the dry crust formed on the skin due to injury gave ultimate satisfaction (both pain and pleasure at the same time:)). Everything has changed now. Teens and kids today want a bike before they get their senses put together. Speeding up on the highway seems better than speeding up down the lanes (that also by the use of some wrist turning than leg movement). Gawd, bicycles were ossum and I don’t have any grudges against biking or the pollution they are causing (air and sound).

I am going to get my bike someday, till then lovya my bicycle (has been in eternal love since a kid/teen).



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2 responses to “Bicycle thief

  1. well i have been absolutely in-line with what you think and/or do for a long long long time now, this did not prove to be different either.
    Yes sometime i do think that the world is spinning much faster than it should have been and the very gush feeling that i would be left behind being just a normal guy, gets me a chill down my spine.
    Now I do have something to hang on to.

    Arindam (Lima)

  2. Thanx for all the love and comments

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