Daily D

A lot of things are happening around me but I am not feeling a single thing. My dad’s eldest brother died. I was sad, not because I loved him a lot but because he loved me a lot. My sister got admission in Sikkim Manipal University for engineering but I am not feeling happy. She got her new number; she is big girl now, on her own. Not a single thing felt.

In the office one of my friend-cum-colleague has started teasing me about a girl and God I hate that. It is so lame and childish. I know I am single but so not-ready-to-mingle. I am not saying that the abovementioned girl is not good but I can’t help it if I don’t feel that way (at least as of now). Moreover I don’t know how she feels. So I am trying desperately to avoid such bullshits as they are quite annoying.

Watched ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ on idiot box <enter a random number because I don’t remember> times and felt emotional again. Stupid yet emotional. Simultaneously.

After a long break I pulled myself up and went to my classes again. I didn’t enjoy it, neither did I hate it, and I am giving my mock test today too. I took a bath just now and ready to take the test.  Wooh baby I am trying to bring some change. I want to run. Run far away from all these. Can’t define ‘all these’ though. My roommate is hopping around from one room to another. Is he searching something? I don’t bother to ask. I know he is getting bored. Me too.

I bought some vegetables this morning. I was asleep when our maid entered the room, prepared me an undrinkable tea which eventually woke me up (it can bring a dead man back to life, miracle), and broadcasted that there are no vegetables, so no food will be cooked. I being a responsible fellow and thinking about my sleeping roommates and me, I put on my tees and went to the market with sleepy eyes. And after all that hard work she prepared crappy food again (the one which can bring a dead man back to life, miracle…hope you got the picture). Nevertheless I ate all that because I was hungry. I think our maid knows that we will eat only when we will be hungry, and anything tastes good when you are starving.

I was thinking of getting a bike some time back but the dream is now on hold for some unavoidable reasons. I was missing my bicycle today when some memories of it came to my mind. More on my teen bicycle adventures later. Now my roomies are off to City Centre and I did not go because I have to give the mock test. Any other day I would have missed the test but today I have decided to face the challenge.

Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Daily D

  1. So how did it go??
    and how’s ur preparations ??

    P.S. – Cant stop reading your blogs and doing some or the other crappy comments…..If backspace was a human being …he would jumped out of my 14′ Sony waio and would have said ” Dude cmon man, whai the hell you type the entire thing, if you have to delete em”
    Im afraid of the backspace key

  2. Preperation is bad and it did not go well(obviously)…:(

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