Generous me

Only thing constant in this world is ‘change’. Now when it is official that I left FB, no no I just deactivated my profile (not deleted it), it is time for some change.

-‘Yes, of course I know you deactivated it and not deleted it, you social networking addict sonofavich (not literally or figuratively), you will return to mama soon-crying’.

Since I have deprived myself of the royal amenity to post my status updates, speaking of which I must tell  you that I  was addicted to it, my blog will serve the purpose and punishment of  portraying my instinct and whim, which means my posts will be shorter and more frequent (long ones will eventually appear infrequently). Now since the format of ‘Baked Stale’ is changing, I thought let me revamp the look and feel too. So a new theme and repositioning of widgets will do-it-all. The sitemap will remain the same and so will the blogger (all suggestion to change them are welcome and will be shown the pathway to trashbin). It is like old wine in a new bottle. Okhay let me rephrase the previous line – it is like ‘stale’ sandwich with a desperate attempt to cover the stinking with cheese slices (whoa, who am I kidding?).

It has been 6 months I am on WordPress, and after 26 posts, 33 comments and 1742 hits, I decided to write a reader’s review of my blog. So here am I sitting on reader’s seat/chair/table/couch/commode/whatever and writing bullshit.

-you think that you write well but sometimes, okhay most of the times you suck.

-I will try to pour some more of me.

-stop misspelling ‘okhay’ and ‘ossum’, and using ‘me-is’ and some other clichés. It does not make you cool.

-It does make me cool.

-you have a decent sense of humour, which frequently gets lost in so-called thought provoking and philosophical posts. May be because of your mood swings or trying-to-sound-intellectual attitude. BTW you write crappy philosophy.

-Will try to refrain. Daily humour will be back.

-did I forget to tell you that I like your P.S. thingy where you subtly try to echo the theme of your post.

-Thankya (big grin on the face and flattered to infinity).

-don’t be too dramatic I said ‘I like’ but don’t overuse it. Scarcity creates mystery.

-if the sentence is long make each word so interesting that they seem stars in the milkyway. If it’s boring keep it short or rather don’t keep it unless absolutely necessary and related to the post.

-Point taken.

-increase the humour, write satire, broaden your horizon, keep it short and get back on FB (you can’t live without it). You owe FB for a few of your hit counts.

-Checkpoints jotted down. Will try to return as soon as I recover from my mood swing.

Okhay that was very generous of me to allow a reader (yours truly) to share his thoughts but I do repent it. I am posting this just to keep my words but I should tell you that these readers are like girls. You can’t live without them, and you can’t live with them (as in live-in). They will bring out the worst in you.

I am in sincere need of a hug.

And some beer.

Ah although the first one is a rarity the second one is stacked in my refrigerator and I am gonna grab some. Jealous? Me too.



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4 responses to “Generous me

  1. Arindam

    gonna grab 1 for me ….will ya ??

  2. I like your effort of ‘revamp’ing the look. Its good!!

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