Noisy times and quiet times

I am very happy today. One of my best friends today asked me to write a book. I do know that I don’t have that much of a literary flair to turn my blabbering into something readable but it is really flattering. Come on now, I have a miniscule number of readers and none of them are regular and loyal. I do accept I have tried to increase the readership by my futile attempt to increase the TRP of the blog by posting randomly in my FB profile, but readers are rare and comments are becoming extinct now a day, but I am happy.

Pubs and Discos are noisy. ‘Noisy’ is derogatory, I should rather say they are lively. Filled with people. People of all kinds. Tall and short, and medium sized. Happy and sad, and neutral. Eye catchers and repellents, and so-so. Introvert and extrovert, and balanced. Dancers and I-think-I-am-great-on-the-dance-floor, and standing-in-the-corners. Known faces and strangers, and I-have-seen you-somewhere. Hunters and slunters, and loners. Fat and lean, and well-built. Old and young, and middle-aged. No one knows anyone but still connected with a single thin thread of being in the same place and trying to forget everyday worries. Tension drains away from the body when it resonates with the rhythm of loud music.

After desperately trying to wear down the worries and the body everybody looks for a silent corner to rest and contemplate in the back of the head, may be with a burning cigarette and a weird look on the face and half-closed (and half-open) eyes. At that time the body and the mind recharges itself for some more action on the dance floor, but the quiet time spent with silence and solitude rejuvenates. Life has much similarity with the few hours spent in a disco. We work, run and fight like dogs and bitches, and at the end of the day we pant like them with more than half of our tongue falling out. We still wake up every morning with same energy and same wagging tail. Ready to take down the whole world and at the end of the day we realise the futility of the chase but are adamant to admit it. Now to keep up with these noisy times we need to have some quiet times in our life, to think and rethink, to survive. Balance is very essential. Harmony is absolutely necessary. Sometimes it is good to have some time left for self. It helps a person to know herself or himself better and develop a different perspective of life. Spending time with oneself can mean a range of things. For me it is blogging, may be for others it is going to discs. It depends on you where you can find you, real you. Recharge your battery and you are ready to run the extra mile.

I am sitting with a burning cigarette pressed between my dry, chapped and half-baked lips with a weird look on my face, proofreading my post.



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3 responses to “Noisy times and quiet times

  1. Dev Jyoti Das


  2. Anonymous

    Smooth language and great ease of narration. I see very good story telling abilities in you.

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