Hangover III

Well not exactly because we all woke up at our place a slight hangover and lot of memories from last night which was drenched with rain and fun :).

I returned from my office at around 8:30 pm (IST) and then it all started. Well there are five characters in the story – sumit bhai (dude of the hour who kept us drinking for 9 days continuously), deepu (liquid’s bro who can buy anyone under the sun after two bottles of beer), liquid(my roomie and hell frustrated like me), dhanendra(liquid’s colleague and my ILP mate) and yours truly(the blogger). It is pretty cynic of you people to think – what fun is it to have fun with 4 other guys – and the cynic in me completely agrees with the cynic in you. It’s just that the night seemed pretty exciting to me and I do not expect you to get excited at all.

Now, let me return from my office again and start the whole story. As soon as I entered my flat Polard (another roomie who thinks he is an avatar of Slash and Himesh) offered me a peg of whiskey and I don’t remember the brand. No, now I remember it was Blender’s Pride. I told him that I will have it after I change my clothes. I hate formals. He sweetly persuaded me by saying that I can have another after I change but before that I have to finish the one already served specifically for me. BTW we were drinking in those whiskey glasses which were gifted to me by my company after I won the essay competition. Okhay, I admit that i didn’t win but I was close second which is good. Aaah..I hate second spots.

Promise I will not lose track again :D. Our maid cooked paneer and rice for us. Paneer was dry and spicy. Now who on earth can resist something dry and spicy while drinking. So we ate up all the mouth-watering paneer. After a few rounds of paneer and fewer round of drinks we felt hungry and we realised we are left with only rice and no side dish. Yours truly decided, being drunk, to try hands on cooking. Whimsical I am I prepared dal(pulses) and a preparation using some left over vegetables. Now I admit that we were high that day and whimsical any day, so we decided to go and eat out. BTW we kept the cooked food in the refrigerator (yes we have one).

So we walked to Azad Hind Dhaba at around 2:00 am with the slight hope of them being open. They were not. This place has the worst service (and food) but we still go there. Why? yes you guessed it right. It is for the same reason why Google and Microsoft rule. Monopoly. We pleaded ‘don’t you have leftovers’, which we admit was way too much. They answered in negative. We decided that since our intention was to eat out, we will. So we reached college more and waited for a shuttle to airport so that we can go to Sher-e-punjab (which rocks) to eat. My friends told me that its late and we will not get a cab this late but i was convinced that we will. Alas they were true. We got a cab till DLF.

At DLF we were trying to stop each and every moving object and asking them to drop us near airport. Negative response as usual, but we were loving it as we were completely drenched. Deepu went up to the security of DLF and tried to convince them to arrange a cab for us. His managerial skills were running low at 2:30 am after few pegs :). We waited and patience paid. we got a cab till airport and when we got in we discovered that the stars are inline. He was going towards our destination, so we had a joyride. But when we reached there it was closed. Only owls and crazy people like us come out at night this late. So we decided that we should have our dinner at Giani Dhaba.

We completed at around 4:00 am it was raining heavily but we cannot wait (because I had office at 9:00 am the same day). We came out and we were wet, instantly (and it was nothing to do with getting turned on :P). We walked around 15-20 minutes in heavy rain to get a cabby and finally got one. All of us had removed their T-shirts and were walking only with vests on (lower parts covered and insured :P). We got home around 4:45 and had that phone call with my ex. I went to sleep after that.

Crazy People.

Crazy night.



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