World is Flat, turning flatter to flattest.

We all believe that the world is flat.

Whether we admit it or not but somewhere in the back of our head we tend to ignore the reality and love to live in fantasy (not in a perverted way, by the way). We discuss who won the Roadies as if Anchal is our langotiya yaar (don’t stress on the langot which was shown in myriad in each episode, made sure, probably by ganja Raghu) and we curse Kanimozhi as if we do care. We love to live life king size and party till dawn. We love to think that we are fit and happy. We drool over Anushka Sharma a.k.a. Shutti or Anne Hathaway as if they will be ours one day. In the previous line you can change the names to any national/international/local actor/actress depending on your gender and preferences. Now stop drooling and concentrate. Sometimes we love to make the time stop.

The slightest hint of brutal reality scares us, but experience reveals that human mind is capable of bearing more than it can imagine. If we compare emotion and common sense, emotion always wins. Emotion can be found in abundance while intelligence is a rarity. If the opposite would have been true then all of us would have born Einstein instead of sissies. That’s why I love dramas more than sci-fis. I love ‘How I Met Your Mother’ more than ‘The Big Bang Theory’, any day under the sun (both are comedies though). By the way if you google ‘big bang theory’ the first result is the sitcom and not the cosmological theory. Evidences galore. Although the word ‘big Bang’ brings something else on my mind (guess what!!).

It is our attraction towards fantasy and deep rooted fear of reality which is helping the entertainment industry to grow by around 17% a year, in India. We love to (or at least pretend to) watch reality based movies like ‘Slumdog millionaire’ or ‘Dhobi Ghat’ and we give our critical ‘seemingly-crucial and yet so crappy-n-stupid’ comments on the movie and yet ‘Dabangg’ is the most commercially successful movie of the year (credit goes to our clapping and whistling throughout the screening). Although A R Rahman gets the Oscars and we detest Ismail Darbar’s comment, still ‘Bhag D.K.Bose’ is lingering on our mind. Do you actually absent-mindedly sing ‘Jai Ho’? We must accept the fact that we don’t love facts.

Let the world be flat and accept the reality that we live in dreams. Dreams are gooood 🙂

P.S. While I am rotting at my place all my friends are at ‘The Basement’ partying and celebrating World Music Day. I hate them!!!


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