Devil Inside

Good acting. Superb photography. Cool lingo. Gripping ambience. Bad storyline.

Enough to describe ‘Shaitan’.

The feel of the movie is typical Anurag Kashyap-ish. Those who have watched DevD and Gulaal will recognize his eye for detail and the signature camera work and the ‘water-effect’. The lingo and the lifestyle shown in the first half of the movie seem larger than life for the middle class India. From having a joint in private ‘Holi’ party to racing the ‘Hummer’ with ‘Audi’, everything seems so artificial but keeps you glued. I am still wondering ‘Bhai rishta hai ya gaali?’ Getting a synonym for the ‘crazy vibrator’ made the viewers lmao. The actors are shown as kids of wealthy families, pampered a bit too much. Morals should be kept aside while watching the movie.

Koechlin and Khandelwal steal the show. Although Koechlin’s story seems to be hastily portrayed, Khandelwal as a tough, angry cop and frustrated-but-still-caring husband has been aptly cast. Other actors also paid due respect to their roles through their performance.

The second half of the movie is better and brings you back to real life from fantasy. Visit to Bhendi Bazaar and its detailing are good. The song “Khoya Khoya Chand’ played in the background with gore action hitting the screen is truly awesome.

The movie is meant to be a thriller and it thrills. Some scenes make you say ‘Shit, this shouldn’t have happened’, but some scenes compelled me to utter ‘Now, that’s too much’. A bit of control could have made it better. The ambience gripped me not the story. Although the surprise factor was unexpected at moments but it hardly surprised me.

The best thing about the movie is that, it never tries to teach you moral science. The movie is just an incident. It is stark portrayal of the devil inside every human being.

Tik Tik Tik Tik.

P.S. I am still looking for the Kala Khatta flavour.


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