epiphany 1.01

Today I had an epiphany. I realised that I am very good at putting an intelligent face on myself. Whether I am thinking intelligently or not, it the expression on my face that steals the show. It makes me seem more sophisticated and amiable because in the end I have to survive in this so-called ‘sophisticated’ society. I also felt that its kinda hypocritical on my part. It seemed that I am not being true to myself. It makes me less confident and more susceptible to other’s whim. I don’t want to exist under the whim of others. Nobody does.

So to feel confident I kept my true feeling aside and let the intelligent face prevail.

Moved to a new place last week and moved on in life. My place and my fellow dwellers are super cool. Planned to party tonight and tomorrow. Although I now dont have a ear to listen when I speak my heart out, but life is not that bad after all. We have a LCD TV, AC, Broadband connection at our place. A lady cook, who cooks shit. Refrigerator is on the way. And we have an aquarium also with fishes and turtles. I am getting fatter day by day and worrying less about it day by day. AIMCATs are starting this sunday and I am back with the feeling that I am not going crack IT this time again.

But dreams are dreams. Its so much fun pursuing them than enjoying after achieving them. Time now to run after dreams.


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  1. yeah man..lets chase our dream…m looking forward for both our support to pull each other.

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