Nothing New

Nothing new happening in my life. Or I think I am asking for new and exciting all the time. A bit demanding, isn’t it? Okhay, a lot demanding I guess.

I am pissed of with my lead. I know that my blog is not the place to whine and vomit my frustrations, but the kind of person he is I need to mention him once in my blog. Believe me he is worthy enough.

So, where was I?

Yeah, my lead. He can piss you off within seconds (now that needs talent). I reached office today a bit early, around 8:30 in the morning. At 9:00 he came and ruined my whole day(see, I told you that he is talented). He read one of my mails that I sent him last day where I intimated him about the completion of my assigned work. He looked at the job done (by the way the work was done way before time, and way better than the intended accuracy), and started saying that I am not good for the job and there are a lot of mistakes in it.

Now if somebody gives me an hour to complete one day’s job and I am unable to do, it is expected. If he rebukes me for my aforementioned incapability, it is accepted. Now if a one day job is completed by me in 15 mins with no mistakes at all and I get to hear that my job lacks accuracy, this, this my friend is neither expected nor accepted. And when I confronted him with my certificate of accuracy and effectiveness the foolish guy started to show me other’s mistake and started blaming me. Now this activity of his is sure worth mentioning in my blog. When I asked him to send me the error list so that I can tally it with my data, he completely ignores it by saying mistake done cannot be covered. Mistakes my arse. I simply don’t understand what kind of pleasure the man draws by demotivating his team members and expecting them to give 101%. One thing I realised that there is a dearth of good managers in this sector. Otherwise a resource like me under an effective management can work wonders. Whatever efficiency my company is getting from me is just a part of my potential.


Whatever, this great man with greater sense of ego, bluffing god and example of sheer jealousy and incompetence is my apparaiser for the next season. Fingers crossed, so that I can expect a drop of intelligence and self pity in his peanut shaped brain and ego filled heart, respectively. By the way, this and numerous other incidents and his behavior has made him a laughing stock among his colleagues as well. But I am still frustrated and pissed off.




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3 responses to “Nothing New

  1. Andy

    What should you do if you really cannot get on with your boss at work? Maybe there has been a breakdown in trust, in communication or in respect. In any event it is ruining your time at work and making you frustrated and unhappy. Let’s call your manager “John” and see how we can approach the situation. (The advice here works equally well whether your boss is a man or a woman).

    1. How do other people find him? Does everyone have a hard time with John or is it just you? Check out how other people get on with him by asking subtle questions – do not rant about how awful he is and see if others agree. If everyone has a problem with him then you have some common ground on which to work. If only you have difficulties with him then you need to examine yourself and your relationship with him.

    2. Ask yourself why. List all the reasons why you think things are not working between you. There are probably some big assumptions on your list so you will need to validate them carefully.

    3. Have a heart to heart meeting. Schedule a time to meet John when he is not under pressure. Tell him that you want to discuss some important issues. At the meeting explain very calmly and rationally that you do not feel the relationship is working well and that you would like to explore why and how to improve it. Do not go into a long list of complaints and sores. Take a factual example if you can and start from there. Let him do most of the talking. Try to see the situation from his point of view and understand exactly what he sees as the issues. See how many of the problems you listed at point 2 above are real.

    4. Agree an action plan. If you can agree a plan for outcomes that you both want then it really helps. What is it that he wants you to achieve? If you deliver it will he be happy with your performance? Even if you disagree on all sorts of other things try to agree on what your key job objectives are. Ideally you should agree actions that each of you will take to improve the working relationship.

    5. Try to understand his objectives and motivation. Even if John is lazy, dishonest and spiteful you can still find out what he is keen to achieve and work with him towards his goals. If you can find a way to help him with his objectives then maybe you can work around his faults. A good rule at work is to help your boss to succeed – whether you like him or not. Other people will see you do this and it works to your credit – especially if they know that your boss is difficult.

    6. Go over his head. This is a risky option but sometimes it is necessary – especially if most other people share the same problems with John. Have a quiet word with your boss’s boss and say that you feel that the department is not achieving all that it could. Make some broad suggestions about how things could be improved without making direct accusations against John. Let the senior manager read between the lines; he or she probably knows already.

    7. Move sideways in the organization. If you cannot move up then move across for a while. Get some experience in another department. Eventually John will move on, be fired or quit. If you are seen as a positive contributor then you may get your chance to do John’s job better than he did.

    8. Quit. Life is too short to spend it in a job that makes you miserable. If you have tried all of the routes above and are still blocked and frustrated then find a job elsewhere. There are plenty of good bosses who want enthusiastic and diligent people to work for them.

    Sooner or later most of us will get a difficult boss to deal with. Do not become sullen or aggressive. The trick is to figure out a way to get on with the boss in a manner that helps both of you. It can nearly always be done.

    Let me over the consequences

    Source : Organisational Behavior – Robbins(13th edition)

  2. Casilas

    I stay with you friend.
    same with me…
    The only way i find to get out of this is to be the Entrepreneur………
    Trying hard.. My way..
    If you find your way tell me…

  3. 25% of bosses are psychopaths
    Be afraid, very afraid…

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