A running commentary

There is a philosophical saying that ‘look around and you will find this world an interesting place to live in’. So I thought let me write something boring about me and this interesting world (what a combo!!!).

First thing first. Osama is dead (and Obama is ecstatic). Votes are on, in my state. Corruption is on, everywhere. Metallica is coming to India. Few of my officemates are going onsite. My sister is going to Bangalore. I am not going anywhere. I just returned from Gurudongmar. Heaven. There are two superhot girls in my office and they pay zero attention to me for obvious reasons. I am struggling with development and performing pathetically. My CAT prep season 3 has started. I am bunking my French classes (and making resolution every day to be present in the next class). I have stopped going to gym and my washboard abs now look like 2months old. I am eating a lot of spicy food. In a deep debt now. I completed Call of Duty-Black Ops this morning. Got my first salary as a freelancer (and all I did was some text editing). I am currently having some problems with my girlfriend (single/committed/married girls, are you listening?). I am thinking of buying a wayfarer and a cheeky cellphone, couple of months now and plan to think more before buying them. I am listening to Barron’s wordlist and French conversation on my mp3 player. If you are still not bored, I give up because I am bored of typing.

But before bidding adieu let me make an official announcement apart from the fact that this is the penultimate paragraph of the post. I am going to publish an assorted list of ‘100 things about me’. It’s all about marketing and increasing TRP.

Au revoir.



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2 responses to “A running commentary

  1. Sanmoy

    It is 12.45 AM now, all my roomies are happily(they all snore like pigs btw) asleep,i got a headache but still I’m awake reading this blog!!!!

    P.S: Top four hilarious stories of the month:
    1. CPM are confident to win the elections,they have become relegious(Rigging baba paar karega!!).
    2. Somebody bought Mamata’s paintings for 2 crores!!!
    3.Ganguly is playing in IPL(again!!)
    4.DJ will stop smokin weed!!

  2. ROFL:on the 4th news.
    And More stories(with drumroll):
    1.Rajini is still in ISU(no more jokes please)
    2.I am going to change look of the blog a bit.
    3.My hairs are growing longer. And longer.

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