Karma and me

I believe in Karma. I believe in the cycle of cause and effect. I am a timid fellow. I get scared when I think of doing something wrong or hurt somebody. I think my bad deeds will revert back to me in one way or the other.

I also believe that doing good, feeling humble, and never hurting enyone will always result in good for me. People and circumstances will favour me. People will also behave good with me as I do to them. But that doesn’t happen necessarily all the time. On the contrary, I encounter selfish and self-centered people every day. There is no harm in being selfish but at the cost of other’s feelings will really suffocate me. The scenario always tells me to stop expecting good in return of your good behaviour. It is like asking a bull not to attack just because you are a vegetarian.

But all these sermons and advices given by my head is never paid heed by my heart. It continues to feel and do and behave good. It also continues to expect good in return and feels disheartened when disappointed.

There are some environment or society where being humble and respecting others is an integral part. When I find such a warm vicinity I melt and mix in it. Whether you are good or bad you will be forced to become a better person. But when I face a situation full of hostility, backstabbing and bitching I start feeling uneasy. Although I can sense every bit of it, but neither can I show that I know nor can I do something about it. May be it is because of my timid nature or this time also I try to be good.

These people and situations make me feel that ‘Karma’ is a lie because it never affects a person with negative vibes. If that would have been the case the scams and rapes would have never been invented. Sometimes I feel there is no advantage of being good. You have to be smart. Does that mean smart is no good. It is just for just. It is bad for bad and good for good. I am not smart.

I told you previously that my heart is stubborn. I continue to believe in karma and try not to hurt anyone.



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3 responses to “Karma and me

  1. Dev Jyoti Das

    I have just one word for you……Sweetheart

    You have that extreme quality of bringing the cellular structure of the heart…

    Implies, there atleast one slot of discreet connection persisting between your brain and heart…

    You have learnt all of it…..the mangoes have riped….now carry the juice ahead in the other three quadrants of your journey…
    All of my best wishes follows you.

  2. Sanmoy

    The wheel of time engulfs people,their deeds,misdeeds,memories in it’s vicious cycle.
    And if you face unjust repercussions ever and if you are a believer of “Karma” u can put it aside
    citing the age old theory..”I am being punished for my misdeeds in a previous life!”
    It’s like they are paying you the arrears from another incarnation 🙂

  3. i think sometimes being good and feeling humble are signs of sycophancy and having no backbone. If one is a genuine good doer and a believer of KARMA then why expect results????


    And karma and pichla janam seem to be far-fetched concepts to me…

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