Some people I met

I have been giving exams. I gave CAT, XAT, MICAT and even GATE. I was confused and I am. I performed badly in all of them and you know why..:). But I will not cry over my shitty performance or take a resolution to do better next year. That will bore me and you to death. I don’t take resolution which I cannot follow religiously. Actually I don’t take resolutions at all. I am not serious about anything, seriously, although I seem to be. I will tell you about some people whom I met and who made me ponder for a moment.


When I gave a status update in FB that ‘GATE will not open its gates for me this year’, my friends commented ‘try the window’ and ‘jump over the wall’. My exam centre was Bidhannagar College in Salt Lake, Kolkata. I went there a bit early (I like being punctual and I am paranoid) and met some of my juniors from college. After a chat and fag with them I went to my allocated room. The guy who was the invigilator of my room is my object of reference. He was in his late fifties. May be not because I am very bad a t guessing age seeing a person. He seemed to me a faculty of the college. The man was a standing example of humbleness and down-to-earth attitude. He addressed everybody as his son. He advised us to keep ourselves cool and give the test without tension. In the array of exams I have given we were never given such a friendly and intimate advice. When a guy came after the paper was distributed he consoled him by telling him not to be anxious as the exam has just begun and there is lot of time. The assurance he gave was so genuine that I was really moved by the way he behaved with each and every student. He will clarify everyone’s doubt tirelessly and even served water if we were feeling thirsty telling the students not to stand and the water will reach you. He told us to check and recheck our details and warned us that if anything is wrong it will be we who will incur the loss, just like he is talking to his own daughters and sons with affection. He made us feel comfortable and warm. He was nice.


Today I gave the exam in St. Xavier’s College in Park Street, Kolkata. I reached there at 7:30 and the exam started at 9:30. I told you I was paranoid. I fell asleep in the classroom itself and was patted by a MICA faculty (seems so) who told me not be serious. Who the heck was? The invigilator here, the lady was ossum. She was a faculty of St. Xaviers and she directed us in English with a heavy Bengali tone. She was humble, simple and always smiling. She directed us as if she is requesting us to please follow the rules. Of course everybody followed them diligently. She was nice.

The aftermath

Heartbroken after a disastrous performance in my dream college’s entrance test I went to have tea, for a change, with a guy whom I met on my way to the centre. We struck conversation because we boarded the cab from the same place, had the same centre of examination and coincidentally he worked in my company, a year senior. We went to the Tea Junction. The tea is good there and worth the money. I have had tea in other Tea Junctions as well but my experience at the Park Street outlet was a bit different. When we were served the guy said sorry to us for being late. Who says that now a day to their customers? The guy at the cash counter asked for a change and when we gave that to him he showered an array of ‘Thank Yous’ instantly with a smile. I love those who are in the customer service business and know how to impress customers. The door guy at different outlets like Pantaloons or Shopper’s Stop also greet with a Thank you but they do it as a part of their job nd it is evident from their tone. This guy was different and genuine. I will visit the Tea Junction outlet again to meet that guy.

On my way to my home I went to Haldiram’s at Exide more and experienced one of the worst customer services ever. The person serving at the counter was cold and was giving us food as if he is giving alms to beggars although we have paid a huge chunk of money to get a miniscule amount of food. He behaved as if he didn’t care and talked rudely. The attendants were not even wearing hair-cover or gloves in their hands and I thought we go to Haldiram’s for good food and hygiene. I think the lack of competition and food option available in the Rabindra Sadan area makes them arrogant. When will they learn how to serve food and it is not rocket science. I had a similar experience when I went to Music World outlet at Park Street last day to buy some music. I actually thought of asking the counter guy, ‘Why so serious?’ The cold look on his face and the air of arrogance made my rest of the day. If these people will not go all the way to draw customers the I will be compelled to scream ‘Long Live Piracy’.

P.S. I thought child labour was illegal in India and here I see under age working everywhere every day. They are everywhere from Kusum roll shop (Park Street) to Haldiram’s (Exide more) and even in Gopal Da’s tea stall near my office at Salt Lake, Sector – V.

P.P.S. I may be wrong because I told you I have a bad judgement of age.


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