My MICAT story

I gave MICAT today. It was a disaster. Tsunami. Aila. Everything all together. Was stuck with word association and GK (in which I am a big zero). There was a question to match books and authors and it had two writers from the list I bought yesterday (the only answer in GK section that I answered confidently). Did around 10 questions in quants but was able to mark only 3. Left the English section blank. Time management betrayed me. Blame game::They didn’t tell the time allocated and snatched my paper. Although wrote stories and essays. If there is any sectional cut-off (which will be there for sure because I left a section blank), my dream college will not have a look at my paper or name (both suck a big time..:)) And of course finished the psychometric test.

In the story section there were some pictures given and we were supposed to write a story using all the pictures.

The pictures (not in a perfect order as it is based on my ‘bewafa’ memory):

1. A cow

2. A donkey

3. A shade

4. A boy with a small bag tied with clothes

5. A house surrounded by measuring tape

6. A forest/ a place full of trees

7. A carved piece of wood with some arbitrary geometrical shape

8. Picture of a super hero..looked like He-Man

9. An unclear picture filled with many people.

This is what I wrote:

When I was a kid, I always dreamt of going on a journey full of adventures. I was very inspired by Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. I though one day I will leave this place, with my baggage and my pet donkey on treasure hunt. I was different from other kids of my age. I hated TV, cartoons, even He-Man. I was brought up under the supervision of my dad. Although he frequented the local pub but he infused in me a priceless trait. The sense of adventure and freedom. I always thought one day I will go to Africa and cross the Kalahari desert, will take rest under a shade when I get tired, and then walk again to find my treasure at the end of the long and tiring journey. But this was not possible from this village surrounded by dense forest.

When I grew up I was supposed to go out and get a job. So I went out from Jabalpur to Mumbai. As Mumbai (then Bombay) accepts everyone under the shade of her saree, I was also accepted and I got a job under a milkman from Uttar Pradesh. I used live in the basement of his house which was only a few feet in length and breadth full of wood. I used to carve wood in my free time. That was my hobby. I barely survived there worth mosquitoes and cockroaches. I was used to these as the forest which surrounded my village had a lot of mosquitoes.

Destiny took a bend I was thrown out to work in pub. It was a very small pub mostly visited by coolies and rickshawallahs. I kept my wood carvings in a shelf nearby in the shelf to display. But destiny has planned something else for me.

One day a gentleman entered the pub and asked for me. He asked me if I am interested in working as a carpenter. That was just the beginning. Now I am a self-proclaimed interior designer and I decorate houses a few feet larger than my previous den.

This is a refined version of what I wrote. I had very less time and I was writing whatever came to my mind. The one I wrote originally was worse and I can do better than this. The limit was 300 words and evidently I crossed it.



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3 responses to “My MICAT story

  1. amulya

    i felt the exact same way about the paper… considering this is the only paper i wrote.. i am very disappointed…
    the writing section had just 15minutes… i didnt even spead time thinking!! i didn have time to attempt the entire DI section!!
    very disappointing indeed… i dont even think i have a chance of clearing!!
    and in picture writing …. i spent 5 minutes figuring out what the m – shaped carving meant!

    my micat paper – A disaster!!

    i hope more ppl write in too

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