hop hop

Watching the video of aye! hip hopper. I love the video as well as the song and Ishq. While watching the video after having few pegs I remembered the Shiney Ahuja case. I think Ahiney was influenced by the video and got a little bit carried away. Ishq you are responsible for both of them. The maid in your video is sensuous and I can drop my girl for her (jaan just kidding). I should apologize in case she reads..:). I think it is a normal male chauvinist feeling to get a girl under him (no pun intended). Although I being a feminist I too have a suppressed feeling of a girl who gives up (and I am not perv). But if the girl is not that carried away better you carry yourself away. Not just because it is safe, but because you are a human and not an animal. The rape cases which flood the recent newspapers leave us stunned and speak the contrary. The animal instincts are getting unleashed and laws should be stricter to grab and nail them. The accused tried to subdue her and when they were unable to control her spirit they mutilated her. This is barbarism to its limits. It is not the feminist but the human in me speaking.

Let us make this world a better place to live in.

Fingers crossed.


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