Humble Salute to Humble Beginning

Last night thought of posting few stuffs but wasn’t able because I was brooding and grieving over my breakup. Not in a mood to disclose the details. Will do it later.

This morning when I was on my way to office I heard loud drum beats near my locality (the place where I stay). The rhythmic drum beats were coming from a field, intended for playing gully cricket. The generally unnoticeably desolate playing ground was surrounded by a noticeable number of people today. After coming across a poster with ‘1st annual sports meet’ inscribed in it, I peeked into the ground, in front of a small school, out of curiosity. I saw the field has been demarcated with unequal white lines, probably by the use of thick chalks. These tracks were trodden by a number of small girls neatly dressed in their school uniform which consisted of white shirt and grey skirt. They were doing a march past on the rhythm of drum beat which came from the drums carried by similar aged boys following them in similar dress. There was a girl who was leading them, with a cap on her head and a stick in her hand and pride in her eyes, as lead by commanders in army march past. The far end of the field was filled with teachers and students. A lady teacher, smarter than all madams (or aunties), was announcing that the next ‘item’ is a karate show. One gentleman, smarter than other gentlemen, dressed in a navy blue blazer and a navy blue trouser was directing the girls and boys to remain quiet and concentrate on what was happening. He seemed to be a very important teacher or the coach. The near end of the field was filled with empty chairs under a tarpaulin supported by a bamboo frame. One of the bamboo pillars held a cardboard poster which read ‘parents only’. But it seemed that the parents preferred standing and watching and encouraging their cutie pies.

I did my schooling from a well-known school and annual sports meet was a big event, which continued for three days, with other schools from the district participating and giving us a tough fight. It was well arranged and well managed. This sports day was nothing compared to that but it still drew my attention. Not because I felt pity, but on the contrary, I felt proud. I felt nostalgic about my school days when I used to participate in each and every event. Though I lost but it is the satisfaction of participation that attracted me. I felt the same thirst of participation in these young boys and girls. The school has strength of maximum 200 students but i felt like giving them salute for their humble beginning. Salute to their thought, their understanding the need of an holistic approach towards education. Salute to the teachers for their passion towards their profession. Salute to their parents for their encouragement. They made me realise that ‘one step today can be a big leap tomorrow’ and ‘If you think you can, you will’. Salute to growing and shining INDIA.


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