Two visionaries and Republic Day


Spent the morning of Republic Day watching the grand parade on Doordarshan. Felt nostalgic. Used to watch it regularly every year when I was small. Now I am big but still an Indian. Got into a discussion with my friend about India, democracy, China etc. Her father enlightened us more on the present political scenario of the 2nd largest economy in the world. It really amazes me how can a country progress so much with so little effort towards being rational and just. China is ruled by only one political party i.e. Communist Party of China (CPC) and eight other political parties accept its leadership. How sweet!! Although it is said that people do have a say in selecting the grass-root level bodies but the political system still remains opaque. I admit that they may be well structured and functionally sound but that does not allow them to bring down voices of alternative thought process. Liu Xiaobo, a visionary and democracy advocate of China who got the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2010 is in jail for his peaceful and non-violent struggle for the right. Not only was he sent to exile, his honour had been criticized by Chinese Foreign Ministry and the news was prevented from being publicised in Chinese media. It is natural that when you are on a mission and that too a difficult one, you have to do it against all odds as MG said:

First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win.

He is just a few steps from winning and he will.

Winning is not difficult and this has been proved in Hivre Bazar village, in India. Amidst all the dark clouds of scams and corruption honest and innovative visionaries like Popatrao Pawar do exist. What he has done with his honest endeavour to change the living condition of Hivre Bazar is really commendable and exemplary. Hivre Bazar panchayat in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district won the first National Water Award for community-led water conservation. The families have risen from below poverty line to become millionaires. Increment in per capita income and no kutcha house are just part of changing destiny. Milk production, rain water harvesting, proper sanitation, basic electricity and planned farming are not alien anymore. Indians are starting to care about development and prosperity (Gujarat and Bihar). Hope that initiatives like these will increase in numbers and will make world a better place for living.

Still feeling nostalgic.

Jai Hind.



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