I would’ve loved you…forever


Hello Stranger. We men are idiots and we call each other bastards. We are schmuck. We can be adorable but still a big schmuck. We don’t know the first thing about love yet we convince others and us that we are in love. We crave for love and when it comes in our life we doubt its sincerity. As if sincerity and honesty is the only criteria to love and be loved. And when we come across the truth we are not ready to accept it. Accept it or not ‘men will be men’.

-dedicated to Closer.

Just finished watching it. A movie so perfect, delicate, accurate, blunt yet subtle. The intricate detailing of human emotions and relationships has been portrayed by Mike Nichols smoothly and beautifully. Clive Owens, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, and Jude Law-a casting chosen to deliver honestly and they did.  Some moments in the movie are so true to life that you will drown yourself into it. The photographing of Jude Law by Julia Roberts was full of mixed emotions. All the scenes where truth and secrets are encountered and revealed have been woven with an eye for detail. Specially the one between Clive Owens and Julia Roberts. The encounter between Jude Law and Clive Owens and the heated discussion that follows shows us how revengeful a man can be when it comes to his girl. The dilemma we face when we are in love with one yet get attracted to another has been portrayed on the face.

We men don’t like if another guy sleeps (or even flirts) with our girlfriend but we give a damn when we do the same to the other guy. Cheers to brotherhood. We want to know the truth and details. Whether we can handle it maturely, which we can never do, or not, we have to know what and how it was. We want to compare the size and degree of pleasure and always associate them with numbers. Sometimes I feel that we fancy numbers more than anything else, even women. We are miserable and we are the cause of it, although we will never admit (Thank you for your honesty).

This was not a review but an honest ‘I admit it’ stuff. If you want a review, read this.

P.S. Watched Mulholland Dr. last night. Frustrated because was not able to grasp it completely, although was taken aback by a chilling scene. I think David Lynch was not able to grasp it either. So no comments. Nice movie.


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  1. ~Sæ2~.M

    another couple of addition to my already loooong list of downloads, now 30 plus….

    keep doing this dude!

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