KitKat and Cigarette

It’s half past midnight here. Just finished my mushy conversation with my girl. Havig a KitKat break with Gold Flake. Oh God…I just had an orgasm..carnal and gustatory..both. The combination is osssum. It takes you to heaven for time being and I am not kidding. Well, I must admit that I do have a weakness for chocolates and sweets. When I eat chocolate I feel that I am committing a sin. I feel as if I am guilty of having the pleasure of heaven when I don’t deserve it. It melts in the palette of my tongue and tries desperately to be a part of me. I tickle it more and try to extend the pleasure I am having, through my futile struggle to keep it from melting. When they are finished, I am left with a sweet sensation and craving for more. Although KitKat is a chewy type but it still is a good alternative for a chunk of real chocolate (as it is affordable now and then). I close my eyes when I savour the rich and full taste of chocolates. It’s addictive. And the combination of two addictions (the second is smoking) is simply terrific. I am not saying you should start eating chocolates to enjoy cigarette or vice-versa. It’s just that  this combination can perk my mood up any day, anytime. Enough of chocolaty scribbling. Back to committing sin. Signin off.

P.S. The mushy conversation was not bad either..:P


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