Difficulty of feeling Good

When do you call a person good?

I donno.

You tell me.

The definitions of good and bad are never absolute. They are relative and depend on personal perspective. Whenever I meet a person who is ‘good’ in my perspective, I start analysing that person. I start thinking what makes him good and what are the traits that impressed me. And whenever I find out the raisins in the pie I try to make them my own. I try to be one like them and follow what’s good in them. That’s a natural human tendency whether you do it consciously or unconsciously.

There are few genuine people who frustrate me. Not by being ‘bad’ but by being the reverse. They are so good that you feel low. But the problem with them (or me) is that I am unable to decipher them. My analytical skills say “Sorry boss, the cryptography is too complex to decrypt”. They are good in their own way. And I think this quality of theirs will be spoiled if I try to go deep down further. They seem as if they are better untouched and unanalysed. I cannot point out a particular trait that makes you say “see, that’s why he is sooo…. good”. I like those people and their subtlety.  I am proud that I have a bunch of ‘those’ kind of people around me. It makes me feel ‘good’.



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5 responses to “Difficulty of feeling Good

  1. Dev Jyoti Das

    Truly dude…you have unfolded some of the really charismatic enthralls of human nature..
    Must have gone through the thrilling bends that life has unfolded each and every time we consolidate the broken heart..
    Lifting ma head up and high to foresee the majestic imbalance..something to learn, and thereby, moving ahead..
    Hats-off to your splendid assay

  2. Andy

    Being good is an Addiction true …… with better research and factual data in hand we can see tat
    pple who are good are self driven or in pure HR term Self Motivated …..

    the Basic reason behind the scene is as follows

    The basic Attitude is different ……… Why ??

    The three components of the term Attitude are

    to xplain further Cognitive behavior is more or less Beliefs – so pple who are good believe tat they can differentiate themselve with their superior performance

    Affective – these beliefs affects our actions eg becoming hungry for more , staying sharp and adapting to a circumstance or a circle of friends which can provide more information

    Behavioral – it is said an action takes xcatly 27 days to turn into an habbit …so actions repeatd affect their behavior

    so nxt time u think its not possible ……………..think again cause ur good

    • To quote myself “And I think this quality of theirs will be spoiled if I try to go deep down further. They seem as if they are better untouched and unanalysed.”. May be its possible but I think it will spoil their charisma.

  3. Dev Jyoti Das

    X is ‘GOOD’ and Y is ‘BAD’, with respect to whom? If I found you bad then isn’t it quite obvious that you will also find me the same.

    I feel that these 2 terms are very very comparative and w.r.t. to somebody/someone

    Well, I feel you can be Bad overnight…but for being Good you need to have the most basic criteria:
    To make a Bad guy feel Good.If not anything, it will make the former realize what it takes to be GOOD.

    what say?

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