Munni vs Sheila

Moves are integral items of a typical masala bolly flick. Intended to tickle (sometimes to discover) the vital senses of a human body, the dance numbers, though deliberately sandwiched in a movie, leave us wanting more.  The recent wave of zandu balm followed by our own ‘girl next door’ Sheila brought back the thrill that was missing for a long time in mainstream bolly scene(although the thrill was present in so-called non-mainstream cinema). To exist in this competitive world you have to take part in the rat race and bring out something better. But copying Shakira for a mere 2.67 seconds will not give you a competitive edge. Bring out something originale for Viewer’s shake sake. If you consider who is hotter my thumb up goes to Sheila but if you ask who is better it’s definitely Munni as it seems she knows her moves. Considering the concept of using seductive folk  over and over again in Indian mainstream, Munni is more experienced and started way back with king khan. It’s just that Sheila lacks the grace when she dances. I bet the same song and moves with all the clothes on would have shown the real potential of a true dancer in Munni. For New Year bashes Sheila scored over Munni and I cannot change the way people perceive. It is just my personal opinion that when dancing is compared my vote goes to our own Munni. People will flock to watch Sheila and that’s acceptable. Sheila looks a bit ‘firang’ and we Indian have a weakness for fair skin. We always wonder what these firangs can do for our entertainment and mind it, I am not commenting on the present condition of Indian politics (because it’s way too entertaining than an item number).Some people can stamp Munni with a tag of being cheap and Sheila being classy. It is good to watch someone, so-called ‘classy’ entertains you as Munni does, taking dance numbers to a new level but can we forget the progenitor. Moreover the name ‘Munni’ is a lovable household name while ‘Sheila’ seems so ‘kaam-wali-bai’ type, but I loved watching both of them. I was wondering if they can give us a gift by sharing the screen in a single number. Everything is allowed in Indian cinema as long as we viewers approve it. And if we don’t then even God cannot postpone your downfall.



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2 responses to “Munni vs Sheila

  1. nice try……big leap trying to go against all odds justifying the glory of munni…….

  2. ~Sæ2~.M

    I havn’t bothered to read it but the title, so….

    But, Read this baacha:

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